Life With Kids – Photo Style

This week’s Monday Listicle topic is brought to us by Christine at The Aums, and it’s all about photos of life with kids.

I take so many darn photos of my gals that these types of posts take me forever but I love actually going through old photos and reminiscing.  Enjoy!

Parades – All holidays.  They are usually fun because we live in a small town so the crowds aren’t chaotic.ST. Pattys day parade

Playgrounds – Testing their limits, always, but it makes them adventurous and brave and honestly makes my life easier that they aren’t so wimpy.flipping on swings

Growing – Whether it’s taking a shower, getting dressed or getting their snacks they are constantly, against my will, reminding me that they are big girls.kid climbing in frdge

Firsts – Steve and I usually try to make each new experience or “first” exciting.  Below Steve took the girls around front and stood in front of the garage as I opened it.  As the doors opened they saw their new bikes.  first bicycle

Fishing with Daddy – They aren’t real and they can’t catch anything in our pond anyway but who’s the country singer who sings something about “he just thinks we’re fishing?”  So true.  They love these moments.fishin with daddy

Beach – Ahhh the beach, the water, the sand, the sun.  We love it all.  They tackle the waves with such fearlessness.fighting waves

Arts and Crafts – We love arts and crafts and being creative.  I bravely let them paint in H’s room while Abby painted big flowers on her painting

Trouble Makers – These two get into everything.  Hanging from bars, scaling walls, hiding and mischief but at least they have each other and they are having a blast!kids jumping

Letting me be me – One battle I never tried to fight was the picking out of outfits.  They do know they have outfits that are appropriate for school or holidays but day by day they get down on their own.Ecclectic dresser

Laundry – Lots and lots of laundry and cleaning and dishes and wiping and organizing and straightening and and and…..

dirty butt girl

I think we can all relate to the last one.

30 thoughts on “Life With Kids – Photo Style

  1. Wow, what adventursome little ladies you have there! My little lady is quite cautious in comparison, but still, the laundry, oh, the laundry! 😉 Happy Monday!

  2. so sweet how you captured their moments together…love it. Whether it’s having fun, experiencing joy, or just being silly…great photos babe.

  3. Haha — I love it!! Such adventure captured! fantastic.
    the new bikes one is golden!! <3
    and yes, I can always tell how much fun my kids had by how dirty they are at the end of the day.

    • Yes, the bikes were a fun gift to give. They totally didn’t expect it. And if my girls had to have 2 baths and still go to bed dirty I know they are living a good life.

  4. My daughter does the same thing with the fridge. You are one brave mommy to let them paint in a bedroom. Kudos! Same with the clothing choices, and yes, Trace Adkins has many songs where I tear up and think “Yup, I’m gonna miss this.”

  5. Your post made me smile!! I think my favorite picture is the one with the child in the fridge. Just yesterday, my 4 year old was showing she was quite adept at doing things herself when I get too busy. Like helping herself to food in the fridge on the top shelf!!

    • Oh good!!! Smiling is always a good thing. haha it cracks me up when they try to get things that are up high….sometimes scary but usually cute…

  6. I love this! Your girls are so gorgeous and I love that they’re adventurous! I always thought I could never have a girl because they’re not tough like my boy…but I think you’ve proven me wrong. And the outfits they pick on their own are awesome! I love when kids pick out their own clothes and they’re two totally different patterns…so much fun that we don’t allow ourselves as adults to have.

    • Well we’re about to have 4 girls so making them little toughies makes it easier for my husband to swallow. And how easy would life be if we just put on cozy cloths that we felt good in instead of always having to match!

  7. Such a great list! I forgot about the laundry on mine. Our washer broke in December and we actually had to move our youngest out of his room to handle the overflow.

  8. We can all definitely relate to that last bit. But my fave is that refrigerator shot. I have the same problem with my 4 year old.

    And btw, I’m new to your place. Oh my! Two sets of twins! When’s the due date?

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