This Weekend Gave me A LOT of Thanks

Last week’s Ten Things of Thankful was much mushier than this week.  I love joining Lizzi for this super great blog hop to remind me to take a step back and look at the beauty in my life.

We had a great weekend, GREAT!  It started Thursday at one of the local church’s annual carnivals, followed by some boardwalk and Ocean City fun on Friday, family appreciation day at my work and beach time on Saturday and ending with a day at home and some football Sunday.

I have documented the ten wonderful things I am thankful for this weekend alone.

  1. Family night at the carnival with Steve.  He works so much he can hardly join us for our adventures  daddy and cotton candy
  2. Brave little girls riding the big Ferris Wheel.  They were skeptical but braved it in the end  ferris wheel
  3. A friendship that is truly a sistership and will last forever great friends
  4. Crabbing- which aren’t ours but they were fun to look at  crabbing
  5. Big hands that help little hands touching the fountain water
  6. A super sister-in-law that took the kids on the Pirate Ship to run around.  They are still talking about it  squirting cannons on the pirate ship pirate ship
  7. An amazing place of work that hosted a fantastic family day.  The kids got to dance, build-a-bear, go on bouncy houses and much more.  I love my job! family fun day kids dancing to the band build a bear stuffing animals
  8. Another brave moment as the girls finally decided to rock climb.  If their older cousin wasn’t with us I doubt they would have found the courage.  kids rock climbing rock climbing
  9. The last few beach days of the year  last beach day of the summer
  10. And finally Sunday.  My favorite day of the week and today is no exception.  Autumn is here, the skins are playing and the weather is gorgeous!


Ten Things of Thankful

16 thoughts on “This Weekend Gave me A LOT of Thanks

  1. very good list… (how can there be anything better than being at the ocean…) the activities sounded fun and engaging for all.
    surely everyone had a good and positive end-of-summer adventure.

    great list

  2. WOW! I totally love these photos – what an amazing time you all had. Candyfloss. Ferris wheel. Climbing wall. Cousins. These are the things that childhoods are made of 🙂

    And still warm enough for the BEACH! Ohhh I wish I lived where you do! It hasn’t been beach weather for a month here. Glad you’re making the most of it. This is a fab list 😀

  3. My heavens, you certainly packed a whole mess of fun into a few days! I love a weekend like that. I’m glad your husband was able to join you. I’m sure it’s hard for husbands to hear about all the fun things their families are doing without them. (I know my husband didn’t get to do lots of things with us.)
    Such brave girls (and mom. I had heart palpitations just looking at the ferris wheel photo.) you have!

    • haha the Ferris Wheel did make me very nervous at first, my husband too but they did great. We certainly did pack in a bunch but I paid for it. Ugh I was tired for days!

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