Earn your Lollipop

I have nothin’!  I’m so busy and tired that I can barely keep my eyes open and it’s only 8:44. So after play, dinner, work, reunion crap, I can’t even think about blogging.

What did make my eyes big and bright was at dinner tonight. L was asking for a lollipop because H had one and I told her not until she finished her dinner.  She lags and is a slow eater.  H was done and done when I told her I had an orange lolly for dessert.

Since we haven’t really gotten into the routine of eating dinner together, mostly due to crazy schedules, the girls often eat in their playroom at a table and watch a TV show.  I peeked in and H was giving L so much encouragement and even scooping up food to help her finish faster so she could get her pink lollipop.  She was literally bending over in her face saying, “come L come on, you’re almost done.”

Moments like this melt me heart and make me so happy that somehow, by the grace of God, I AM doing something right.  They are true sisters; there when it matters most!

Very Merry Unbirthday

Do you have a birthday that falls on or extremely close to a holiday, in particular Christmas? My girls were born on December 22 and although I am sure they will complain because they will inevitably feel like they are getting jipped, they do not have siblings to suggest are getting more than they are.  So the question is this, should we celebrate their birthday at another time of year?  I want my girls to be grateful for every single gift they receive but I also want them to feel extraordinarily special and face it having a birthday so close to Christmas (and being a twin) a number of things occur to put a further hampering on that specialness:

  1. everything is decorated for Christmas
  2. people can’t make parties because of holiday obligations
  3. very rare you will be able to celebrate on your actual birthday
  4. receiving gifts that are combo Christmas/Birthday
  5. limited locations due to cold weather
  6. people are sick
  7. every gift is Christmas related
  8. it’s expensive for everyone esp the parent (double gifts)
  9. you will always have to share your birthday

Right now they don’t truly understand the chaos of it all but by the end of December they are expecting gifts because it seems like the entire month people are giving them or sending them one.  So do we have a “half birthday” party in the summer or an “unhappy birthday” in January or February?  Two separate birthdays? Thoughts on this?  Especially for those of you who are either a twin, have twins or a holiday birthday.

Do you need help Feeding?

I can’t imagine what having more than two babies at a time would be like.  As the situation stands I have two hands/arms which means I can do everything needed for my twins.  However, having extra help is always welcomed esp as a first time Mother.  These bottle slings by bebe were wonderful!

So easy to use; just slip the bottle in the holder and place it in the babies mouth.  Once everything is just right snap it into place.  Perfect for when they were not able to hold their bottles. It wasn’t the only means I used nor did I leave them unattended drinking but it sure made getting ready or clean up easy during feeding time, which as an infant getting breast milk is often!

For anyone having babies, these are a life savior!  I’m so grateful to my friend who gave them to me!  Any other cool products out there for moms of multiples let me know!?!?!?

She’s giving me GRAYS

The girls and I were nicely reading “Are you my Mother”, our new favorite, when Steve came down to say good bye.  All was good, we were taking turns turning the pages, they were helping me read; it was really rather nice.  In a matter of minutes they started ripping the book from each other, and then giving Lola over the top hugs.  {It’s their new thing- to act up when the situation changes slightly, in this case stopping mid-story to say goodbye to Daddy.} I told them to stop, I told them to stop, I TOLD THEM TO STOP!

L faced me with a finger pointing at me and said, “YOU STOP.”

H was watching bright eyed and terrified.  I walked over to L, grabbed her arm and dragged her to the corner for time out.

Meanwhile H and I were saying good bye to Steve when I went around the corner to get L to say good-bye.  She was gone.  Upstairs.  Playing.  She had only been in time out for maybe 2 minutes.

“LLLLLLLLLLL GET DOWN HERE NOW!  Get back in the corner!”

Hopping from step to step, looking all cute, taking her time I told her to move it or get spanked.

She picked up the hopping pace and got back into the corner.  A minute later she is slithering on her belly into the kitchen.  Get back in the corner.

Now Steve is walking out the door when he catches something over my shoulder and I turn around.  I look back and she is in the kitchen on her Leap Frog laptop.

Are you kidding me!  As soon as she looked at me she started crying and ran to the corner.  I haven’t even reacted yet.  Steve and I just looked at each other like this child is crazy!

She is definitely giving me grays and thank God I’m down with gray hair because it’s coming in quick.