Do you go Pickin’?

What a beautiful day to go strawberry picking; a month early!  The yields were plentiful and sweet.  I take the girls every year and they enjoy it so much.  It usually takes us an hour or so but this year they were on it and we filled 3 buckets in about 30 minutes.They eat as they pick so it’s a superb morning snack and then I don’t have to worry about feeding them.

Below are pictures over the years.

Above they are almost a year and a half.  I had to clean out their buckets since they threw whatever they found in it.  They also ate a ton of strawberries; the stem, flower and all!

Above we have H just eating everything we pick and below we have L slaving away picking and picking at almost two and a half.

And lastly we have today; almost three and a half (said with a tear).  It looks like they are contemplating the harvest.

Ahh and to end the morning a naked water bouncy bounce.  As I watered the plants I would walk by and water them.  They had a mad game of ring-around-the-roseys going on and instead of falling down they would fling each other.   I’m just waiting for one of them to fling through the netting.

It’s 2:00 and the house is quiet….for now.  Rest up buttercups because we have friends coming over at 4. You just gotta love spring!!


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