A Coat You Can Wear BEFORE , AFTER And BEYOND Pregnancy : Tasku Babi

I’ve been asked to review baby wearing coats* before and it’s a difficult product to review. In fact the ones I’ve encountered I’ve actually returned to the maker stating I couldn’t, in good conscience, write a proper review.

The coats were either too bulky, too cumbersome or too intricate with so many pieces. One coat I didn’t even bother with; I just returned.

So when I was asked to review the Tasku Babi 4 in 1 Whole Mama Coat I was, of course, skeptical.



One coat that was sent to me had sixteen! Who has time to figure that out? Not this busy mother of four.

Back to the amazing 4 in 1 Whole Mama Coat; one panel is to accommodate a growing pregnant belly. One is to attach by way of zipper to the back for wearing a baby on the back and the last one for the front. Four in one implies alone, during pregnancy or with one baby on front, back or tandem.

Tasku Babi

The extra pieces are hoodies and a bib for wearer to protect against a drooling baby.

Below is the coat completely unzipped and ready for a panel to be zippered in

Tasku BabiFront, eye level view adding the additional front panel for baby wearing in front.

Tasku BabiBack view without an extra panel.

Tasku BabiFront view with panel added.Tasku BabiThese are the draw strings on the panel so you can adjust accordingly. Tasku Babi

The back where the little ones head will pop out.

Tasku Babi

Please note this coat is not the actually carrier. You must wear first and as you know I am a hard core proponent of my Twingaroo or my Wrapsody Wrap and both wear perfectly comfortable under this coat; one or tandem, even with a full diaper bag on the Twingaroo is fine.

Look at me just a normal girl in a coat on the left but wait! A baby is on back!

Tasku Babi HA! This picture cracks me up. I just wanted to show that I am wearing her with the back only of my Twingaroo and her little leg is cracking me up and my stance. HAHA go home crazy lady. Tasku Babi

One of the best features, is this coat wears beautifully alone. That’s extremely important so you know that after the pregnancy stage and the baby wearing stages you can continue to get plenty of use out of your Tasku Babi.

Tasku Babi Tasku Babi

The coat is tailored to fit with drawstrings strategically placed to add a nice, fitted look. They are placed for all stages of motherhood from pregnancy to wearing with babies or alone.  Not only that they are inside so you can’t see them. Most maternity and baby wearing coats are very bulky and not flattering at all.

We look like oompa loompas enough as it is with kids hanging all over us or a big pregnant belly that we don’t need that additional feeling when we are trying to keep warm; am I right???

The craftsmanship and detail in this coat is gorgeous. The lining is a waffled pattern and is well stitched. I wore this in the mini snow storm last week and stayed warmer than my 7 year olds. Who outlasts kids in snowy weather?!

Tasku Babi Tasku Babi

My mother and niece have thought of stealing this gem. Because it is so warm, especially from the bitter winds we get living by the water, I have been granted dog walking duties….not happy about that.

Other key features and benefits:

  1. I’ve washed the coat a few times and have found no issues with the look
  2. It wipes clean from drool and tears
  3. Two zippers in the front so you can open and reach in to touch your baby
  4. If you aren’t wearing a baby great conversations are spurred from the zippers
  5. I was actually called a human marsupial at pick up the other day
  6. My sneaking little F gets her giggles in trying to unzip me

Here are a few in different wearing positions; front, hoodies, hands in the zipper to sooth the little fussy model….

Tasku Babi Tasku Babi Tasku Babi Tasku Babi

This photo was just for fun!

Tasku Babi

The only drawback I had was with the back zipper. When I was wearing alone or with a baby in front only, the zipper caught my hair if my hair was pulled up. I spoke to the owner and she reassured me that the next batch will have a protective fabric covering to avoid that.

Tasku Babi

Which brings me to the owner. She is one of the most charming and sincere women I have worked with (virtually). She responds quickly and honestly and cares so strongly about her products and her customers.

This is a direct quote from her site and it makes me smile so big it hurts, “Not only are Tasku Babi maternity and babywearing coats stylish and warm, they are all made in factories with fair employment practices and contain no animal-derived materials. They are vegan and free of allergens as well as harmful dies and chemicals. If your size is out of stock – we can order it especially for you, including plus sizes. So choose the one that you love!”

You want only the absolute safest products next to your newborn and guaranteeing these are free of allergens and harmful dies and chemicals is a huge relief, especially if your precious one was/is a preemie or has any kind of health issues.

I have no doubt that I will be loving this coat for years to come. I have yet to see anything on the market as beautiful and functional as my Tasku Babi.

Check out her site at www.taskubabi.com and follow on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Any way you wear it, you look fabulous!

Tasku Babi


*baby wearing coat implying a coat that goes over a person already wearing babies; not the coat itself is the carrier.

**The 4 in 1Whole Mama Coat retails for $350

***While I was not paid for this review, I did receive a coat to test and review. All opinions, as always, are mine and mine alone.

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