A Dose of What NOT to Buy Me

This week’s Monday Listicles is based on what not to buy your woman for a gift; kind of a helpful guide fo’ yo man!

This was difficult because Steve has never really bought me anything I didn’t like.  He’s good like that.  He even buys me things I didn’t know I wanted to love and have.  The only thing I can remember is one year he bought me a dvd of a stupid a** movie he wanted and when I opened it I just glared at him and passed it right back.

I’m not like most women who would be offended by cleaning supplies, a new vacuum cleaner or a treadmill; all that makes my life (and his) better and easier.  After all I like a clean house and running gets the anger directed in a healthier way.

I guess I could create a list of what I truly would not want; things like sex toys, books on how to be happier or calmer, in other words self help books, tickets to an Ultimate Fighter game or all you can eat joint but I decided to put a little spin on my list.

So here ya have it; ten things you better not buy me Steve (wink wink)!

  1. A dog from the humane society
  2. A new bag/purse
  3. A Roomba
  4. A facial
  5. More cameras
  6. Serving Platters
  7. Cozy blankets
  8. Organizing stuff like baskets
  9. Beer
  10. Trees/bushes or other plants for my garden

Now get to being that disobeying husband you are and don’t buy me a single thing from the aforementioned list.

Happy Valentine’s Week ya’ll!  What’s on your list!?

28 thoughts on “A Dose of What NOT to Buy Me

    • I have a friend that has 2 roombas (she won both) and the wet roomba (can’t remember what its’ called). She has 6 kids and says it is the most amazing product! She loves it! And yes, he is a good gift giver but to counteract his greatness at that he is a huge slob…handsome but can’t put his clothes away to save his life:)

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