A Little Beach Week Fun

Every year my family, cousins, friends of theirs and cousins of theirs, make their way to Ocean City for a grand vacation!  We used to rent a place as well but have since stopped once Steve started working in sales; his philosophy, “if I’m not working I’m not making money.”

Besides we live in the neighboring town so the girls and I just drive down and meet everyone for the day.  It’s still really nice.  If we are going to go on vacation we agreed we want to leave town, ya know travel at least an hour away.

This year has been fun so far but I feel like a schlub because everyone is carrying everything for me.  We are only a few days in and we’ve battled a storm that never came, heat that sizzled our feet and waves that were perfect.

Friday night, before the condos were ready for our madness, my niece spent the night and snuggled with the dogs watching cheesy Disney movies; my ears are still burning.


Birdie was tired of walking on arrival evening.


Pop entertaining the youngest of the grandkids.


We often stay on the beach well past sunset; see that lovely moon starting to rise?

moon on beach

Birdie assisted in the applying of the sunblock.  Amazingly she did a fantastic job and no odd tan or burn marks were revealed at the end of the day.

20130721_134517_resizedThe tiresome walk to the beach.  With the girls brilliant discovery of wearing boots on the hot sand they never have to be carried.  That makes my life so much easier!


On the “storm” day we headed to my Aunt’s place for the kids to run wild.  Their place was awesome.  They had a fenced in yard, crab pots, pool table and huge deck.

20130721_184743_resizedTo get the last spurts of energy out, my sister tortured the kids with the hose, just soaking them to the core. Clearly they hated this.


Lastly, my handsome Godson.  He is a mama’s boy in the thickest sense possible.  He finally held my hand so we could take a walk.  I was in heaven and should have left well enough alone but I started talking to him.  This is the point when he looked up at me and realized I wasn’t his mother.  BOO!


Four more days left to go which means more fun, more family time and more shenanigans!

Happy summer!

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8 thoughts on “A Little Beach Week Fun

  1. Very inspiring words here. What puts it all together is continous personal growth and development, always learning, always growing, always doing something new – going places you have never been before, doing things you have never done before,
    Families can have so much fun together, I think it’s just beautiful and we should all appreciate the things that come so naturally to us all 🙂

  2. This makes me really want to head to the beach! It must be so nice to live close by. (Also, my middle girl had that one piece bathing suit with the blue and pink polka dots!)

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