A Little Recap Chap

I have lots of posts coming; it’s just a matter of straightening out all these thoughts and incidents that have occurred over the last month.

But for today I am joining my favorite gal, Greta, for another edition of ippp link up.

The photos below are a recap of our day’s home from the hospital.

This was my favorite Christmas gift from my Pollyanna, my sister.  She gave it to me in the hospital and this was me packing up to leave along with the adorable tree she gave me to keep me company.  She’s the best!

favorite Christmas giftSince we didn’t get home until well after Christmas we had a delayed holiday.  We did all our usual traditions including opening up Christmas jammies from Mom and Dad along with the traditional snow globe.

Pop took them out on the lawn to spread out reindeer food which in the morning we found out they ate because the porch was covered with green and red glitter!!!  We left out snacks for Santa and had an early bedtime.

The next day they had a great time tearing through their gifts.Christmas tree enjoying gifts at Christmas

The girls, H really, welcomed home her sister with a back full of stickers.

stickers on baby

My aunt and uncle came to visit and brought us a dozen dairy free cupcakes from an amazing bakery in her area.  We cut each in half, wrapped individually and froze so L could have a special treat for parties and other gatherings that don’t cater to her intolerances.

dairy free cupcakesH was a GREAT helper as this process is tedious. seperating cupcakes

The multitalented Pop reading, watching TV and snuggling grandbaby number twelve….or maybe thirteen.  I love having such a close family.  They make the holidays so much more special.

Pop and Baby

There is only so much these two can do inside to stay out of trouble.  The first break in the weather and they were outside…causing mayhem.  I had to bathe two little mud buddies but what a great time they had.  Mud fight, mud pies; you name it, they did it with mud.

kid mud fight

Oh this was my favorite.  We made sugar cookies and those odd looking ones in the upper right corner are couches.  Imagination?  Oh yes, they have them.

And the bottom right?  those would be all sorts of jungle animals.

couch cookies

They decorated them with colored frosting and sprinkles.  Yes this was a maddening concept and the mess was ugly but aside of the undesirable appearance they were delicious.

icing cookies icing cookies

And lastly I DID NOT authorize the smilies below especially in El Diablos aka L.  Never would I cross the line of smiles into X territory.


We are settling in nicely with new babies but this is the easy part; they just sleep, sleep and sleep some more.

How has your week shaped up?

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