A Little Sleepy iPPP

This holiday season got ripped off by the chaos so I didn’t get to honor it in all its beauty and entertainment.

I will tell you one thing that had me laughing and brings a smile to my face every time I see it is this:


We were heading to my sisters for Christmas dinner and we were all getting our nails painted RED! FUN!  I told the girls to sit still so they wouldn’t get nicked.  The picture above is how H fell to the side after falling asleep sitting up.

I must say I am proud of her for not messing her nails!

Why are they in bathing suits?  Who knows!  They also had a swimming tube. Kids are so weird.

Please visit all the other lovely bloggers linking up to iPPP with Greta and Julie at G*Funk*ified!  It’s such a fun time of week!

22 thoughts on “A Little Sleepy iPPP

  1. I love it! I am so glad no one takes pictures of me when I fall asleep. 😀 I love taking them of Lil Duck. I never know which of our four animals I will find hibernating with her.

  2. Before I read this I was gonna say, “What’s she pouring there besides tea!”

    Also, I almost nuzzled your header photo, further proof that my due date needs to GET HERE because I need to snort some baby head.

  3. Hahaha…this cracks me up! So glad you caught the moment. I have a few similar ones of my oldest who would fight sleep for as long as possible and then fall asleep in the most random places!

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