A Mother’s Day Worth Sharing

I’m a sucker for all holidays and Mother’s Day is no exception. I never spoiled my mom the way she should have been spoiled. I never celebrated her the way she deserved. I just never understood until I became a mother just how much she did and sacrificed for us.

She sets a standard for motherhood that is near impossible to reach but I strive daily to be like her. She is the most selfless woman I have ever met. She is forever supporting my family and me. Her love is unconditional and we are so grateful for her.

I wish we were able to have been with her but traveling isn’t always possible with such busy lifestyles. My sister hosts bunch every year and IT.IS.A.BLAST! Next year…

Mother’s Day week was a fun one. I’ve finally finished this insane semester out and can breathe again.

I love volunteering at the girl’s school but it always backfires.

The first volunteering adventure I wasn’t chosen because so many moms offered to be chaperones and the hat didn’t move my name to the top.

Second went pretty well at the book fare followed by a sick baby at the third offer, snow storm at the forth and then finally this past week my H got strep just in time for the flower sale.

Thursday I woke up all cheery getting everything in place when I noticed H’s lips were crazy chapped and it looked like blisters were forming. Being the selfish woman I can be I dragged her to school anyway. To my defense she didn’t have a fever, aches or anything. She said she felt great BUT she is impossibly strong in convincing us she feels fine to avoid the doctor. Not only that, she was devastated at the thought of ruining her perfect attendance record!

When we got to school I walked them in and took H to the nurse (we actually have a great relationship with her because L has a permanent cot there). She said it didn’t look good and to head to the doctor so that we did.

She had strep.

She likes to lick and lick and lick her lips some more so she spread it to her face. The poor girl had to miss two days of school.

Luckily there were enough volunteers for the morning shift and by the time we finished with the doctor, picked up her prescriptions and shopped for the little sickie, I was still able to make it for the second half of the day.

It was great! Being a lover of gardening I enjoyed helping all the little kids pick out flowers.

My girl’s class came through on my shift and L picked out beautiful flowers for her and her sisters to give me.

At the end of the day she was able to help and the smile on her face could be seen from space!

my gardening helper plant runner

She helped bag plants and put them away. We even talked about the different types of plants which thrills her but bores H.

That day as we unpacked her backpack I was floored by all the wonderful crafts they did with their teacher. Of course some made me cry but isn’t that the point?

My breath catches every time I look at their silhouettes and they look gorgeous above my desk.

child silhouette

They planted seeds of sunflowers that are now on my windowsill, adorable paper laminated tea cups with a teabag in them, hand stamped flower cards with poems and more.

It was so fun to plant the flowers they bought in my new hanging baskets! I can see them hanging from every room downstairs!

the gardening girls bucket watering can baby gardener hanging plant, impatients and begonias

It will be interesting to see how they thrive or survive being that there are impatiens and begonias in there; contrasting needs but I will not deny them the fun they had planting them.

Ah these conveniently arrived just in time. Even though they were gifts we decided to keep them. Now I can dance the night away with H and wake up and recover with L.

beer koozie and coffee mug

And of course my favorite tradition of all is my rose bush they get me each year. My garden is overgrown with them and even though I balked at Steve initially, I have found this tradition endearing and love admiring each bloom as I think back to the year they gave it to me.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you weather mommy to a human or furry fella!

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Worth Sharing

  1. AW!!! What a beautiful way to spend your Mother’s Day!! I love that you get rose bushes every year!! And that planter is so pretty!! I hope it survives too. SO precious!!

    Sorry about the strep though… POOR baby!! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to one of the greatest moms I know!! MWUAH!

    • awe Chris! Thank you! I have been so busy I keep missing comments:( I am sure you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as you are super amazing! xoxo

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