A New Job on Thanksgiving Thursday

It was a long but very successful day.  It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had a job other than the wonderful stay-at-home Mom gig but the time has come.  After the girls got into the private school we were on the waiting list for, part-time, I started looking for work.  It’s a tough market out there!  Many calls and interviews over the months but nothing of significant value.  Luckily social media pulled through in the end!  I’ve hooked up with one of the most fantastic women in the world, DD.  {Should I use her name to help promote business?  I guess I need to add that to my to-do tomorrow and find out her preference.}  Anyway I worked with her a number of years ago and her real estate skills are amazing.  She has offered me the opportunity to manage all of her admin work from home so I can continue to be with my girls 5 days a week.  Marketing, social media, presentations; what could be more fun for a marketing girl!?  This will lead the way to many more opportunities with her team and a great future!  Thank you to this wonderful group!  Now let that stress of job seeking end and the stress of employment begin.  Such a wonderful feeling!

5 thoughts on “A New Job on Thanksgiving Thursday

  1. Yeah!!!!! That’s exactly how I started out!! Congrats and do know my offer still stands which will let you expand that a little further! So happy for you!!!! Love and hugs!!!!

  2. So perfect! You’re a lucky lady for sure. I can’t wait until I can start working again–so till then I will live vicariously 🙂 Again, congrats. That’s no small accomplishment today.

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