A Few Amazing Frulu Blanket Reviews

Our team is so excited with the reviews that are coming in about the Frulu Blanket. I’ve copied a few below! If you have a chance to review our product, we would be SUPER happy to hear what you have to say; assuming it’s all love.

Some of our favorite reviews:

Casey-So easy, so durable!!

With such nice weather lately, we have been getting so much use out of our Frulu! It has been our go to for the beach, the park, and most recently an outdoor concert. It’s so easy to set up and so durable. I know it will be our go to for many outings to come!

Lisa H-Awesome blanket

Perfect for the beach with or without kids to keep sand away from all of your goodies. Very well made and easy to assemble. Love it!

Lisa D-Good for kids or no kids!

My kids are all older so not needed for kids but this was fantastic to sit our bags and our soft cooler in on the lacrosse fields where we spend a HUGE amount of time. It is good for extra cases of water or other supplies you might have without having to worry about them getting full of grass or dirt and provides a place to sit and eat without getting bit by bugs in the grass. We will be using it in the summer to keep the sand out of the same items!

Kelly B-What I was Looking For!

This keeps the dirt and sand off the blanket away from toys and snacks! Easy to assemble and worth every penny!


Holly N- No Ants
We love this blanket!!! I use it for outdoor concerts, wineries, and plan to use it at the beach this summer! I love keeping all of our stuff contained (especially small toys that seem to come everywhere with us) and keeping ants away. My youngest is old enough to walk over the sides, but for some reason he just stays put when he’s on it and plays- LIFE SAVER.

Mary O-Genius

Saw this bright idea and tried it with our grande

kids. They love it and their parents love the less sandy mess. Everyone with infants to toddlers should have a family-friendly FRULU.

Mick-I can’t believe I’ve spent my whole life without this!

What a terrific idea and product. This is perfect for my son to play on without becoming a mess. Also great for picnics. Perfect for the beach is an understatement. Would definitely buy again!

Someone mentioned buying one for his dog so after he is done playing he can lay in there instead of the sand. I don’t have a dog picture but I have a photo of some cute ducklings!

ducklings in an outdoor frulu blanket

Another great comment from a customer was that when they were using it, it started to rain so they flipped it upside down to protect their stuff from getting wet.

the outdoor waterproof frulu blanketA dream to help others:

However, this last one is my absolute favorite and something we never thought of. How amazing would it be if the Frulu Blanket could make life easier for those with prosthetics?

Timothy-Great for kids with prosthetics

I have to say on top of all the uses I have found for this wonderful invention. I keep thinking of mom’s with kids who have prosthetics and need to keep sand out of the connection between limb and the prosthesis. This could really help to save them from the sand and the inevitable pain they feel when sand gets between the two.

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