And Then she got Two-Pieced

L is a crazy animal lover.  I am constantly telling her to be gentle with our dogs, to stay out of their face, not to pull their tail.  She just doesn’t get it.  She is not afraid.  She just wants to squeeze and hold them so tight.  What’s the little girl’s name from Tiny Toons?  Elmira? “I wanna hold him and squeeze him, and call him George.”

Well that’s my L.  This conversation expands to not only our home but our friends Steph and Mike’s home.  They have a few cats and a dog, Chloe.  The girls just chase them and get all up in their business which annoys them as it should.

The other day while at their house, Mike asked if L got in trouble because she was crying in the front room. However before this incident occurred, she was all up in Chloe’s face and Chloe made a snarly/barking sound that scared the crap out of all of us.  She didn’t touch L but warned her that she was sick of her.  Poor Chloe is old and poor L was scared to pieces.  I assumed that L learned her lesson.

Anyway back to Mike asking if L was in trouble. I went to see her and she was indeed crying.  Our conversation went like this because I suck at parenting:

Me: L, what happened?

L: leave me alone

(I’ll spare you the 30 times this happened).

Then I realized there was a cat hiding in the corner under a mirror that was leaning over, resting on the couch.

Me: L, did you touch the cat and she scratched you?

L: leave me alone

(Once again we go through this over and over.  Why didn’t I stop asking after the first time?   I’m not sure.)

I told her she wasn’t in trouble but she needs to learn to leave the animals alone.  She finally confessed that the cat “hit her here and here” pointing to both cheeks while demonstrating with a very sad expression.

At this point I should have just cuddled her and left it alone but being the expert parent I am I used this as proof to remind her to leave the animals alone.  See what happens when you keep messing with the cat?  See? See? Do ya? Do ya? (That last part should be said in Dorie’s voice from Nemo).  Anyway, I did cuddle and love on her but I don’t know what else to do to get her to understand the importance of giving the animals space.

Tips?? I need them because my girls just don’t get it.

6 thoughts on “And Then she got Two-Pieced

  1. Man this sounds familiar…when I was a kid and to now as a 38 year old (except you are Matt)! When I come visit let’s show L my big chin scar. 🙂

  2. If she meets Rodney, she’ll never learn not to pick up nor squeeze a cat. He loves being carried around and smushed on by little children. He also likes to run around with them. It’s hilarious. Rodney hugs and kisses the vet if that tells you anything.

    • hahaha That’s awesome. And you mean WHEN she meets Rodney. I saw a lady the other day walking her dog and her cat was following the entire time. Too funny!\
      PS I love that your cats name is Rodney! ahah

  3. That’s right. WHEN she meets Rodney. His name was Trout when he was a little kitten, but he didn’t answer to his name, so I sort of randomly said, “Rodney” and he came. I was thinking about the comedian Rodney Carrington when I said it. I changed his littermate’s name, Ruby, to Rubeus after I found out he was a boy. We still call him Ruby, though. p.s. Zach got his cheek scratched by his babysitter’s cat, Murphy, or “Moofy” according to baby Zach.

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