Bedtime Schmedtime

Many of you know that we love sleeping with our girls.  We are not straight up co-sleepers because they do go to bed on their own, stay in bed for part of the night and on occasion stay there all night.  Just a refresher L has always done this.  H didn’t start wandering in until an extended road trip back in November; I guess she got used to sleeping with me.

They were always pretty easy to sleep with.  They would wander in, snuggle up and that was it but about a month ago the squirming started. I’ve never wanted to scratch my eyes out so bad before.  Steve and I would wake up so groggy and I certainly wasn’t as productive as I should be.

Many moons ago I bought adorable kids sleeping bags (with blow up mattresses inside) for my nieces and nephews when they would stay with us.  Low and behold they made their way to my sister’s house and I forgot all about them until Katy mentioned she still had them (minus the mattresses).  She said when they wander in put them in the sleeping bag.

We had a nice big conversation about how Mommy and Daddy need more sleep and that they are getting so big they just don’t fit in the bed with us so now when they wander in they have cool sleeping bags to snuggle in.

First night L wandered in and went right to her bag.  H, on the other hand, was not happy at all so I slept on the floor with her.  The next night the same thing but on the third night while L went to her bag, H stayed in her room and I just gave her a little nuzzle and she fell back to sleep.

It has been nice not having someone laying on me and kicking me.  We still get the morning hour long snuggle which is wonderful but the restless nights are gone.  That is until the next hurdle presents its ugly face.

Below I added a photo of the sleeping bags…

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  1. I almost forgot! Z actually nicely asked a few weekends ago to sleep with me when his pack of 5 friends (who spend the night at our house almost EVERY weekend (I like this actually) even though we live in the smallest house out of everyone he knows) were spending the night and Zach was sick with a raging fever and didn’t want to go to sleep first for fear of being tortured by them. Please note: For the folks out there who worry that their children will sleep in your bed until they leave for college, Z leaves for college in one year and three months from today.

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