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Ten Things of Thanks

With the chaos the past few weeks have delivered I decided today is the day I am thankful for beer; specifically the following:

  1. Harp
  2. Leinenkugel
  3. Sam
  4. EVO
  5. Dogfish Head
  6. Miller Lite
  7. Shock Top
  8. Natural Lite
  9. Corona
  10. Sierra Nevada

The house is hitting the point in its life where it is falling apart, the big girls are extensively whiney and the babies are teething.

Nothing makes these situations better than a super-cold-right-from-a-cooler-of-ice bottle of beer.

Thanks to Lizzi I get to share this list with you!  What beer are you thankful for this week?  I just might have to try.

By the way which picture do you like better?

beer and babies beer and babies


Ten Things of Thankful

7 thoughts on “Beer Oh Delicious Beer – TToT

  1. I don’t like beer, but I can appreciate that YOU are thankful for beer! Especially with teethers and whiners. And a house that’s starting to fall apart, because I have one of those. No teethers. Whiners, though. I have occasional whiners. Maybe I should start drinking beer?

  2. Well crap! I didn’t know you have been adding posts here! How did I miss them? Especially TToT! Maybe I didn’t do it that week- yeah, that.

    My friends tried their best to change me- years ago, in CHicago, I gave them the challenge, because I wanted SO BADLY to LIKE BEER!! So we took off one Friday night to a bar the specializes in all kinds… somewhere in Roger’s Park. We stayed until closing and got really really drunk trying! I ended up with my Kahlua and cremes anyway. I know.

    Promise you will still be my friend?

    Are you sharing in Bloppies when you post? I am just pissed I have missed so many! SO sorry hun!!

    • OH please don’t be sorry at all! I’m so out of it lately and trying to get back in the swing.

      I will share a secret with you… I LOOOOOVE Kahlua and cream LOVE but I like a little vodka in there too.
      I don’t drink liquor anymore though because I get a little to crazy heehee
      I haven’t shared much on bloppies either. I need to get back there as well! xoxoxo

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