Book Picnics

This has been my favorite new discovery lifesaver for bedtime.  Our routine has gotten out of whack again with all the craziness of the holidays.  Suddenly I realized it was the first week of January and we were still acting like the holidays were directly on us.  Anyway, I needed a better plan for winding down.  All their books are in a large basket now in the family room.  I was sick of them ripping or tearing or whatever them so I wanted them in a safe spot.  Before bed we have a small snack and drink on a wonderful fleece blanket and I read stories, lots of stories.  They are super responsive and don’t put up a fight when I tell them reading time is over.  It is then brush teeth and hop into bed and we are done.   I pull out the book picnic when they are having a hard day and just need a distractor.  It’s fun for them and me.  They just get as sweet as can be and kind and it’s a really nice way to end the day.

6 thoughts on “Book Picnics

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  2. Awww…book picnic! I love it, what a great idea! Sometimes I miss bedtime storytime. I remember nights when I just wished they could quickly go to bed without storytime, and now bedtime stories are a distant memory and I SOMETIMES miss it…not always, but sometimes 🙂 I followed you here from the Monday Listicles! Have a great night! -Adrienn/This Uncomplicated Journey

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