A Broken Heart for Valentine’s Week

Oh sweet Valentines week! We have been looking forward to you.

So many wonderful birthdays!!! We’ve been calling people for days now singing and wishing.

L and I pulled out all her clothes on Sunday that have hearts on them just so she could wear her love all week long.

Each gorgeous outfit full of every shade of pink, decorated with hearts and swirls were thoroughly discussed and thought through and then placed ever so gently in a neat row on her bedroom floor.

Valentine's Day Outfits

On Monday she got up bright and chipper and put on her fancy gray and white shirt with lifted roses sewn into the pattern of a heart in pink, her frilly jean skirt, pink heart (one of many) tights and her brown knee high boots. We even braided her in a fancy braid that even caught the attention of her tomboy sister!

Side french braid

H, on the other hand, wore jeans, a sweat shirt and vest….She’s not down with love or hearts or anything like that! Yuck Mommy!

On Tuesday I woke to her crying in bed. Steve took her to the doctor later that day who confirmed she had a severe ear infection and couldn’t return to school until Friday.

She was devastated.

All her outfits wasted.

Her dreams of fancy braids fixed with heart ribbons just down the tubes.

I love her romance. She is such a lover! She promises me weekly that she will never move out and snuggle with me forever instead.

She has been wearing jammies full of hearts and that has helped.

H has been reporting back to her all the drama that kindergarten has to offer. L has been getting a little jealous but luckily she will be cleared for school in time for Friday!

They are having a little celebration for the 100th day of school as well as Valentine’s Day.

Surely she will wear as many hearts as possible and hug all her friends as she walks in the door.

This poor girl has now missed 12 days of school from being sick. TWELVE!! That is insane. She eats well, sleeps well and plays hard.

She has been cursed with a combination of her parent’s weak immune systems.

The only blessing is that she is a smart girl and her work comes easy to her so she has been keeping up on her school work without an issue.

All is not lost!

I have a special treat I made for them come Saturday morning then Steve and I are stealing the big girls for a fun morning without the babies.

In the mean time they will find this sweet treat in their lunch boxes tomorrow. (This is huge because I rarely give them candy.)

Love note

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Sweet girl! I’m so sorry she’s missed out, but hopefully she’ll feel better soon, and I’m sure the date with mom & dad will make up for it all!



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