Buggy Bench Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the adorable and practical Buggy Bench. It came in rather handy when I had all the girls at the grocery store.

The buggy bench folds completely flat to fit into my purse or diaper bag without creating extra bulk; which no mother needs. The pattern is adorable and trendy and not the typical tacky kid design you might see with many products. In fact I have a shirt that matches the green Buggy Bench!  Better keep that in mind when we are out shopping!

There are four plastic thread clasps that you thread through the top bar of the shopping cart; as close to the front or back that you choose. I place my girls further to the back to prevent hair pulling and hitting.

Once the seat is secure you simply place your child in there and buckle per usual. It acts as an additional seat so you don’t have to fight with a standing baby, risk them getting hurt or totting in their car seat.

My little girls loved it and bounced around the entire time I shopped.

I’ve included videos so you can see it in action!

When we were finished, unthreading took a quick second and we were gone.

The bench felt sturdy enough to hold my rough and tough girls and the seat belt was the added safety assurance I needed for my wild child.

Save yourself the headache when shopping and buy one of these fantastic benches for less than $40 at Buggy Bench and be sure to follow on Facebook for specials, tips and fun!

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  1. Love this! Logistics question…do you just park near shopping cart racks so that you can put them in straight from the car? We only frequent Target alone and I drive around until I see a double cart that I can park next to! Or I haul out my stroller, but then shopping is soooo much more difficult!

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