Carry Twins the Twingaroo Way


There comes a time in every mother of multiples life when they find their “ahh” product. The one they didn’t realize they couldn’t live without. The one that just made life that much easier.

There are a few mothering products I can’t live without and they are the bebe bottle sling and my duo float. I now get to add the Twingaroo to this list.

I know I rave about products in all my reviews but that’s because I only review products I love and want to rave about.

This is no different.

I use carriers all the time; it’s a must with a busy household to run and babies in tow.

I thought, as with other carriers, the weight of two 20 pound babies would wear on me after about thirty minutes which is my usual max time.

However, my first major outing with the Twingaroo was with three 5 year olds and an 11 year old to an autumn festival. I carried the babies for almost two hours without any issue.

Unlike other double carriers which can be cumbersome to put on, the Twingaroo only took one practice with a baby doll and then a cautious real baby try before I got the hang of it.

My favorite features about this carrier are, in so special order:

  • THE DIAPER BAG-seriously wait until you see what I can fit in that sucka’ AND it’s the only carrier out there with a diaper bag attached-truly a hands free experience
  • It’s completely lined in vinyl so if you forget a baggie or your wet-bag, just drop that soiled, wet, nasty onesie in there and then wipe it out
  • It’s one piece! Just one. No need for extra pieces, buckles and straps because ya only need one carrier to carry both babies; simple, safe, period

Now let’s talk about support. The fabric is canvas which is extremely durable and rather breathable.  The straps are thick so they won’t dig into your shoulders and I must say it is an unbelievable teething soother. My girls chew on that stuff every time I wear them!


There are safety elastic pieces on the buckle just in case you don’t click the buckle all the way or little mitts try to play with them. I would be impressed if little fingers could unclasp these sturdy buckles. This added protection is such a great safety feature that I haven’t had on my other carriers.

twingaroo twingaroo

Additional safety and aesthetic features that I love are the elastic “ties” near each clip. As you adjust your straps you can safely wrap up the left over material.

twingaroo twingaroo

I mentioned the material is a canvas which is a nice change. Often carriers are made completely of vinyl or a similar material for easy cleaning which is nice for that reason, but can get very hot in the warmer months. I was surprised with the breathability of the canvas material.

I must go back to the diaper bag before I inundate you with photos and mention what I carried in there the other day:

  • Nine, 9, diapers
  • A package of wipes
  • A dual can of snack treats (orange container)
  • A bottle of water
  • Two sleepers
  • Two hats
  • Two pacifiers
  • Two books
  • A container of formula
  • Rash ointment, chest rub, and small powder

That was just in the back pack and there was still room to go!

In the front I carried my wallet, phone (not show), keys (not shown) and lotion along with a bottle on either side of the insulated pouches!

In case words do nothing for you let me show you a photo:


Below is a photo of the diaper bag full and just one little one in the front carrier.twingaroo

Below are two photos demonstrating the front pockets with items in them.twingaroo twingaroo

Here are a few photos of the carrier laid out so you can see some of the details you might not see while being worn.

twingaroo twingaroo twingaroo twingaroo twingaroo

Where is Dad during all this fun? Luckily Steve is a true hands-on-get-in-there kind of Dad. This carrier is versatile enough for my 5’3″ petite frame and Steve at his 6’2″ build.

He was just as comfortable as I was running around the yard and enjoying his girls.

Oh how I wish she wasn’t out of focus in this adorable kissing photo!IMG_4478 IMG_4483

Oh man she is about to go down for the count!IMG_4522

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1- PLEASE DO NOT STEAL PHOTOS! Share and use if you would like but PLEASE give credit back to my site.

2- while I was not compensated for this post I was given a carrier to review as always all opinions are my own! Thanks Twingaroo!

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  1. How on Earth do you put it on? I am a mother to my second set of twins and would love this, but am concerned on how you get both babies in safely. Can you do it alone?

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