Carving with a Pro


holding her pmpkins

I love Halloween and so do my girls.  Thank God because Steve hates it.  He loves the traditions that we do and watching the girls esp H with her superhero costumes, but the actual eve stresses him out.

I usually go overboard with pumpkin patches and fall activities but time slipped away from us.  Luckily my sister took the girls to her in-laws farm to pick pumpkins and they had a few parties but other than that we only hit one farmers market.

We had a great time and bought more pumpkins and this was actually the first year we carved them with the girls.  We usually just set them out or let them paint them.

It was fun.  The girls were totally grossed out my the “innards” but had a blast helping Steve while I took pictures.  We didn’t use any templates obviously, but I was super impressed by Steve’s pumpkin which he made to look like it was eating a baby pumpkin. Arg Matey.

Per our usual traditions we will be hosting as our neighborhood swarms with kids.  I’ll be stuck handing out candy while Steve takes the girls around.   I’ll miss that but I’m sure he’ll take some photos for me.

Enjoy the photos and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more tomorrow.

Adidas and pumpkins let the carving begin pumpkin top daddy and daughter carving cleaning out a pumpkin a little sisterly help scooping pumpkin goo close up  carved pumpkin carved pumpkins pumpkin eating a little pumpkin

These are the Little Things that make me happy.


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7 thoughts on “Carving with a Pro

  1. Those are so cute! I love pumpkins! I am always impressed by pumpkins carved by a template… I mean it is a work of art! However, I just love a traditional Jack O Lantern that was done by imagination, like these. I always choose the triangle eye, jigsaw mouth kind! Have fun tonight!

  2. You created some great jack-o-lanterns there! And I had to laugh, because my ‘Steve’ {yes, I have a Steve, too} doesn’t like pumpkin carving either. 😀

  3. I’m always procrastination with the pumpkin carving part of Halloween! I never feel like I’m any good at it, but the kids don’t mind! 🙂
    Love your jack-o-lanterns! That last one made me laugh!

  4. I sooooo love these photos…especially the one’s of the girls standing on top of the table working on their pumpkins. Too cute. Such great memories you’ve captured.

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