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There comes a time in every community when funds need to be raised. The old saying, “Charity begins at home” is very true. If there is a community problem, an area of the community where money is needed, people are … Continue reading

Closet Book Nook

I am madly working on getting my office organized, well the whole house for that matter. The hallway to the attic is a mess! I keep doing little projects like the kitchen counters, and then moving the junk to the hallway.  But now that I am trying to balance being a work at home Mom on top of the 8 projects I have going on, I HAD to get my office organized.  It’s a very long process but the closet is complete.  Who can work with this?

YUUUUCK the disasterous closet!

Although the boxes on the top shelf now hold the books, it looks neater which makes me feel more organized and calm.  I dedicated the top to storage, the middle to each project going on, the bottom to the girls and the floor as a cozy nook.  That way when I HAVE to get stuff done while they are awake they have a place to chill within reach.

office closet transformation w/ book nook

They love seeing all their artwork hanging on the walls and when they close the doors their turtle nightlight provides them with shining stars! And as always plenty of books to read!

book nook close up

Next is the desk, paperwork and rest of the room!  I will get it done.  I have to get it done.  I can’t work in this mess so I have no other choice!

Any tips on getting organized and working form home would be grately appreciated!

Kitchen Space Saver

My advice, if you care, is when buying a home to purchase one with the biggest kitchen you can find.  My next post will be find the biggest laundry room but I digress.  No matter what you think about a kitchen it is never big enough especially once you start having a family. 
 We purchased our home ten years ago thinking it was a temporary move and after 2 years we would be out. Ugh so didn’t happen and our home has a teeny tiny kitchen.  I don’t mind the lack of cabinets as we have narrowed down the items we need and use.  Storage in the attic is fine for pieces we only take out at parties. 
Anyway, what I HATE is the lack of counter space.  I wish we had a place to put a little desk in the kitchen so I can plop the mail down, school projects, do some work.  I wish there was enough room for all the “junk” we need counter space for; a cookbook, fruits, veggies, oils, coffee maker, blender etc.  Over time we have organized, quite effectively, I might add but we still have too much stuff! 

yuck, just clutter, too tiny whiney

If we have more kids we won’t have enough room for a bigger table, an extra chair at the counter, more cups, plates, bowls. 
However my handy hot husband has found a way to clear some of that clutter.  He is down stairs cussing right now but I know when he is finished it will be wonderful.  I looked up baskets to hang underneath the cabinets but nowhere could I find the proper depth, only 11 inches, without special ordering them at $80 a pop. 

Get it Hubby

What is he finagling?  File wire baskets in silver and he had to buy pipes and cut and drill them to the size he needed for the sliding tracks.  Of course the smallest size anyone sells for tracks is 12 inches and we needed 10.  OK so boring I know but it is important to give him credit. 
I have posted pictures below of the after and one picture that I need help with!  Our home isn’t very cluttered or messy but there can ALWAYS be a better way.  Now that most stuff is off the counter the girls can spread out further with art projects and eating.  I won’t hear the constant fruit dropping on the floor because they are playing with it.  I won’t have to constantly move the fruit platter, or hear the girls fighting because they are touching each others stool. 

only about $10 bucks baby!

ahhhh all that clear, clean space. much smaller toaster, no baskets on counter, just lovely

clutter free since 10:30!

Now this is the cabinet I need help with.  I have no idea what to use it for and I know there is a brilliant solution.  It is above the microwave so there is a big ugly plug in there and it is only about 10-11 inches deep.  When the girls were little I had arts/crafts in there but that has outgrown this space.  We had special toys, then platters  but I’ve move that to the attic.  So any ideas?????  I’m open for anything!

wasted space, what shall I do with you?