Office Revamp- Guest Room

This was a tedious task with 3 year olds running around.  I started with the conversion of the closet into a book nook and went on to the desk area since I was in dire need of getting my work accomplished.  The final transformation, at no expense, is done-zo!  Well aside of my desk drawers but there’s nothing really fancy there; at least I don’t think so….

Who lives like this?

This room became a catch all of sorts.  In the back corner is a mack daddy heating and cooling system that never made its way to the attic.  I’m not sure what the rest of that crap is.


I’m not sure how some of the junk in the first picture made it out and more junk made it in.  Seriously who has so much crap!!!

Just feels so calm

I had to get a move on it since my parents are coming to visit and my Mom loves this bed.  I spruced up the gorgeous shelf my hubbs hung years ago and which my friend decorated.  I finally made the bed, which luckily are the same hues as the rest of the office.  I threw a table cloth over the filing cabinet and added some plants, put all my extra photos on an extra wet-board I had, baskets  of course to collect junk and my favorite green blanket is placed on the bed.
Funny thing about that blanket is I bought it many years ago while visiting my cousin in Phili.  I dreamed of having a little girl whose bedroom would revolve around that cute green vintage pattern.  Too bad I can’t find another one like it!

Office Revamp- The Desk

What a great feeling to be organized and clean again.  I have all my projects in a safe place that is dedicated to each individual one so nothing gets confused or lost.  I’ve been so productive and clear minded.

This space was an adorable spot at one point before the TV wall hanger broke and Steve used it as a home office for years.  Now that he no longer works from home and I do, I’ve been successful in its revamp.

I was determined to NOT make a single purchase in fixing up this room and so far I haven’t.  I used green spray paint that I found in the garage to paint an old cork board and mail sorter. I used the black cork board to frame a photo of the girls.  The calendars each serve a purpose to organizing different projects.  I turned an old green mail sorter on it’s side to make it more functional and used 3 jelly jars to hold odds and ends.

Overall the project resulted in days of boring sorting and organizing and my favorite; purging.  I tossed 2 bags worth of junk and sent Steve to work with a big box full of papers to shred.

Next weeks goal is to continue the slow progress of organizing the attic so I can actually use the space.  Each night I will bring a box out for each of us to go through so the task isn’t so overwhelming.

Girls Closets

I’m always, ALWAYS, trying to find ways to get the girls to help out. I don’t want them to feel like cleaning is such a drag so I want it to become a habit; a natural instinct to put away their things.  In order to do this it can’t be forced.

It’s always a struggle and I’ve come up with clever ideas, like the chewed up doll or the vacuum, but  just like the more traditional routes they lose their luster.

The latest trick was while I was switching out their summer clothes. They love it, they know where their clothes go, and they know where to find them. After a week and a half it still looks good; not Kerry good but good.

They loved taping up their homemade clothing outlines