And Then she got Two-Pieced

L is a crazy animal lover.  I am constantly telling her to be gentle with our dogs, to stay out of their face, not to pull their tail.  She just doesn’t get it.  She is not afraid.  She just wants to squeeze and hold them so tight.  What’s the little girl’s name from Tiny Toons?  Elmira? “I wanna hold him and squeeze him, and call him George.”

Well that’s my L.  This conversation expands to not only our home but our friends Steph and Mike’s home.  They have a few cats and a dog, Chloe.  The girls just chase them and get all up in their business which annoys them as it should.

The other day while at their house, Mike asked if L got in trouble because she was crying in the front room. However before this incident occurred, she was all up in Chloe’s face and Chloe made a snarly/barking sound that scared the crap out of all of us.  She didn’t touch L but warned her that she was sick of her.  Poor Chloe is old and poor L was scared to pieces.  I assumed that L learned her lesson.

Anyway back to Mike asking if L was in trouble. I went to see her and she was indeed crying.  Our conversation went like this because I suck at parenting:

Me: L, what happened?

L: leave me alone

(I’ll spare you the 30 times this happened).

Then I realized there was a cat hiding in the corner under a mirror that was leaning over, resting on the couch.

Me: L, did you touch the cat and she scratched you?

L: leave me alone

(Once again we go through this over and over.  Why didn’t I stop asking after the first time?   I’m not sure.)

I told her she wasn’t in trouble but she needs to learn to leave the animals alone.  She finally confessed that the cat “hit her here and here” pointing to both cheeks while demonstrating with a very sad expression.

At this point I should have just cuddled her and left it alone but being the expert parent I am I used this as proof to remind her to leave the animals alone.  See what happens when you keep messing with the cat?  See? See? Do ya? Do ya? (That last part should be said in Dorie’s voice from Nemo).  Anyway, I did cuddle and love on her but I don’t know what else to do to get her to understand the importance of giving the animals space.

Tips?? I need them because my girls just don’t get it.

Rayanne; the Sweetest Pit….

It’s that time again to get on my soap box and hound the world to stop hatin’ on the pits.  My dear friend is fostering this wonderful pitty; Rayanne.  She is an over-bred 4 year old girl just looking for a home that she can relax in and not shake violently from fear.  She can’t be any sweeter with her bat wings for ears and her balding body (her hair is slowly coming back after losing most of it from stress and fear.)

I met this adorable girl a couple days ago as she lay snuggling the couch cushions next to a cat she had never met before.  I truly challenge the ignorant, over-breeding, a**hole who tossed her because she was aggressive.  This dog does not have an aggressive bone in her body.  If anything she is simply living for love.  Her belly shows the signs of neglect with nipples that are sore and enlarged, probably never to go down and she will never know the countless pupps she gave birth to.  God love those pups, only he knows where they are now.

I just want a home....

Please help educate the world on the sweetness these, and all, dogs endure.  Stop the abuse, stop the fighting, and stop the breeding.  Let’s find homes for all these homeless guys and gals before we bring another one into the world!

How Could you Beat this Face?

You couldn’t?  Me either.  But someone did, to an inch of her life.  Well maybe not that bad but pretty bad.  She was found emaciated with a large gash between her eyes.  She was extremely fearful and wouldn’t come near humans.  At only 3 months old this little pitty didn’t stand a chance until some anonymous caller told the local Humane Society where to find her.

It just so happens that I was feeling the need to start looking for a pup to keep our Lola girl company.  I saw a cute dog and told my husband to go check her out.  While he was at the Humane Society an employee mentioned that the dog I was pining for showed signs of aggression and would he be interested in a white pup named Diamond.

Steve humored her, thinking all along we didn’t need another rescue with twin 1 year olds at home, but he met her and feel in love.

The girls and I took her home a day later.  She is now a big doofis we call Suga’.  Annoyingly hyper with a horrible licking habit and the need to sit on you, to snuggle on top of you, to have her face in your face at all times as if she is begging you never to leave her or forget her.

She is so stinkin’ loveable.  But she is a pit and for that she is already labeled. But for me she is our protector.  She guards the girls as if it is her sole purpose in life.  If they sneak out of the house she sneaks behind them. If a stranger approaches the yard she has the ferociousness you want in a guard dog.  I love this little half blind spaz.

the girls reading to their doggies

Suga' making herself at home on Lola at a few months old

just a snugglin’ at a year old

peek a boo! Where am I?


How evil, she totally looks ready to attack

Please spread the love for the pit bulls; they are truly wonderful animals and just need a chance.  We have had them for 15 years and will continue to save and love them.




Way Back When-esday

photo taken by Kristin Staples Photography

The date was October 23, 2008.  A friend was starting her own photography business and I was a volunteer.  I am approximately 30 weeks pregnant with twins.  My lovely Lola and I are mourning my lovely gentle giant, Bowie, after having to put him down the day before.  He was an old, big, faithful dog that still brings tears to my eyes when I think about him.  I am not only swollen from being a fat pregnant lady but from all the crying! Taking it way back and remembering feels good.  Thanks Cheryl for the great idea!  One of these days I will post a few gorgeous photos of that big boy!  Until then…. 

Thanksgiving Thursday

A great blogger, Amanda Nethero, posts every Thursday about all the wonderful things she is thankful for in that given week.  This is a brilliant way to slow down and find those things that happen in a single week to be grateful for.  Seems hard sometimes when there is the stress of bills, kids, holidays, families, sicknesses and so much more but once you take a second a sea of smiles come forth.  This is my first post on this topic but certainly won’t be my last. In no order (except the first one) are the things I am thankful for over the past week.

  1. my sweet girls who just turned 3
  2. ending the year with my family as we celebrate the twins 3rd birthday
  3. waking up in a beautiful home on Christmas morning with MY family
  4. the sweet face on our pit bull who has no idea she ever had the crap beat out of her
  5. a husband that works so hard to ensure that his family is happy and safe
  6. sisters and brothers who love me and my family
  7. a delicious blanket made with my sisters two hands
  8. a thoughtful “back-up” necklace from my sister because she knows, like the last two, that I will break this one also
  9. a conversation with my husbands grandmother on her 90th birthday
  10. a kick ass seafood Christmas dinner prepared by my husband
  11. parents who are super loving and involved
  12. a blog that some people love
  13. my health
  14. a fun ride on the train watching all the kids faces light up at the lights
  15. great pre-school teachers
  16. Stephanie and her friendship
  17. Tammy and her love
  18. Spending time with my nieces and nephews who are all so cute and healthy
  19. solid neighbors who care but don’t get too much in my business
  20. definitely not last my husband

I could go on and on.  It really is easy and makes you smile when you think about all the love you truly have.

Thanks Amanda!!

Happy 3rd birthday little L

happy 3rd birthday my H

getting ready for Christmas pajama day at school

in honor of