How Close Can I Keep My Baby Within Reach While Sleeping?

I’d like to thank Stacy from Mom Woot for talking today about sleeping and how close to keep baby(ies). This is ALWAYS a touchy subject but she does a nice job of being open-minded for all!

“How will I keep my baby safe while sleeping?

Is it okay if I let my baby sleep with is on our bed?

Is it alright if we put our baby’s crib in our bedroom instead of having a separate nursery?

What if it isn’t safe if we share the same bed with our baby?

Do you have the same questions? Are you having a hard time contemplating whether it is safe to co-sleep or share a bed or a room with your child?

Here are a few thoughts to help you reach your ease of mind and conclusion on what is best fit for you and your baby.

What is co-sleeping? Co-sleeping is merely sleeping in close proximity to you baby. Co-sleeping has different types.

  1. Sharing the same bed

This type of co-sleeping has its pros and cons. Cons would be that this type has the highest rate of having SIDS or Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Why so? Simply because as you share your bed with your child, there will be instances in where you might suffocate your baby with a blanket, a pillow or worse your own body. And also since your baby is in close proximity to your body, the child may experience overheating or getting too much body heat.

Now the good point with this type is that if you are breastfeeding your newborn, this will make your life easier because you can easily feed your infant in the middle of the night, or if your child gets cranky, you can easily give it a pat and soothe him back to sleep. Also for another safety addition, you can use a sleep sack to wrap your baby in for the night. So you won’t have to worry about blankets getting in the way of your baby’s sleep.

  1. Beside the crib

This type of co-sleeping entails close proximity yet your child stays in the crib. How does this look? So the crib is beside your bed, and the side of the crib that is nearest you is lowered so that the mother can easily reach the baby whenever needed. Not all cribs have this kind of feature, so if you are considering co-sleeping with your baby with this type of setup, then your crib should definitely be considered.

  1. Crib inside the room

This type of co-sleeping entails close proximity but will require you to get out of bed when your baby would need something. Any kind of crib can be considered here, also by doing so, you can train your baby to get sleepy by just turning on his crib mobile with a musical tune.

  1. Bed sharing when needed

This type means that your child has his own room, but is always welcome to share your bed when needed or after the child awoke from sleep and couldn’t sleep in the separate room afterward. The one side of this type is that this will require you having a baby monitor if your baby stays in a different room.

As a Mother, co-sleeping with your baby in whatever style you choose or what you think best fits for you will always entail you to be responsible. Especially with the safety that needs to be considered every time. Remember that safety and comfort is one of your priorities as a mom that should always be achieved for your baby.

Bio : I am Stacy Belk – founder of Mom Woot. Being a mother is not an easy task but a rewarding experience. I am a mother-of-two who wants to help first-time moms with the overwhelming requirements of being a mother and a wife.”

Thanks again Stacy! I’ve, personally, tried all styles. What works for me might not work for you but please, whatever you choose, be safe, smart and support each other! Happy sleeping!

co sleeping with New2Two

co sleeping with New2Two

co sleeping with New2Twoco sleeping with New2Two

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