Closet Book Nook

I am madly working on getting my office organized, well the whole house for that matter including closets! The hallway to the attic is a mess! I keep doing little projects like the kitchen counters, and then moving the junk to the hallway.  Now that I am trying to balance being a work at home Mom on top of the 8 projects I have going on, I HAD to get my office organized.  It’s a very long process but the closet is complete.  Who can work with this?

YUUUUCK the disasterous closet!

Although the boxes on the top shelf now hold the books, it looks neater which makes me feel more organized and calm.  I dedicated the top to storage, the middle to each project going on, the bottom to the girls and the floor as a cozy nook.  When works has to get done while the kids are awake, they now have a place to chill within reach.

office closet transformation w/ book nook

They loved seeing all their artwork hanging on the walls. Additionally, when they close the doors, their turtle nightlight provides them with shining stars! And as always plenty of books to read!

book nook close up

Next is the desk, paperwork and rest of the room!  Now is the time to get it done.

Do you have any tips on getting organized and working from home? I would grately appreciate it

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