I’m always, ALWAYS, trying to find ways to get the girls to help out. I don’t want them to feel like cleaning is such a drag so I want it to become a habit; a natural instinct to put away their things.  In order to do this it can’t be forced.

It’s always a struggle and I’ve come up with clever ideas, like the chewed up doll or the vacuum, but  just like the more traditional routes they lose their luster.

The latest trick was while I was switching out their summer clothes. They love it, they know where their clothes go, and they know where to find them. After a week and a half it still looks good; not Kerry good but good.

They loved taping up their homemade clothing outlines

3 thoughts on “Closets

  1. LOVE it! If they have any belts that you want to hang up, you can buy small caribiner clips at Walmart (something like 4 clips for .97, in the hardwear section), clip them to the shelf & then snap the belts onto them. That’s what I did with the kids school uniform belts & it works great. It would probably work for baseball type hats too. I HAD to do something with the belts, I stepped on one last year & put the metal part all the way through my foot.

    • OUCH! But that idea is awesome! THey don’t wear belts but it would work for their hats and necklaces! Hey- when are we cleaning Dianes house?? haha I’m so excited!!! I’m going to sped all day picking your brain! You put Martha to shame:)

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