Dairy-Free Cupcakes

Who, other than a baker, has time to make cakes from serious scratch!?


Duncan Hines offers yummy dairy-free cake mixes & icings; the yellow and white are our go-tos.

If L wants chocolate then I just mix in melted dairy-free chocolate chips. I want to experiment with the Hershey’s Syrup and see what happens so I will keep you updated.

I’m sure there are WAY more alternatives in city areas but we are on the Eastern Shore and it’s slim pickings.

We use the mix, eggs and water; I skip the oil all together. It makes the cupcakes a little fluffier and lighter not to mention it cuts down on the calories.

I make a batch, icing them, leave a few out, cover and freeze the rest for last minute dessert needs.

Dairy free cupcakes Dairy free cupcakes

I’ve found this site to be helpful in finding store brands that meet allergy requirements.

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