Day 017

February 4, 2014

Gloomy day painting

I love painting but I hate the inevitable mess the girls make when after a while they just can’t contain themselves and paint ends up ALL OVER!

I’ll never learn.

toddler painting


6 thoughts on “Day 017

  1. My Z is in college as you know. When you blog about painting it makes me remember how much I loved painting with him. I never remember the mess. I still can’t recall it.

    • ugh don’t’ make me feel bad 🙁 I love the painting and try to ignore the mess but it’s in my blood to be annoyed by messes 🙁 it’s not all the time just when I’m super tired 🙂 The babies and I slept in anther room so Steve could get a solid night’s sleep so now I’m super tired but a nap is in my future.

  2. The fact alone that you are trying to do ANYTHING with them other than plop them in front of the tv when you have two newbies with you astounds me. So rock on with your bad self mama.

  3. It’s so funny because I went to your FB page to see your latest post (Cause I am too lazy to actually follow my feed) and I ended up staying there laughing my ars OFF on everything you have posted for like the last month (or so…again, too lazy to read dates)

    Oh do you and your kiddos crack me UP!! And I literally SWOON over how beautiful ALL FOUR of them are… OHMYGOSH you are amazing!!! Not only because you have FOUR kids, TWO sets of twins and are home with ALL of them all day every day….

    But that you have enough sense about you (blows my mind) to be HILARIOUS and WITTY and even have the strength to post stuff at all!!!

    You’re my hero. 🙂

    Oh, and btw- beautiful picture there- I love the slurring of colors- SO cool. And painting? Really? Hell, I wouldn’t even take the time to get out paint for MYSELF let alone two five-year olds…

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