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Ten Things of Thankful

This is a shout out to the Dickey Family who visited last week and reminded me of what having a friend for a sister is really like.

This is just a small list of why this family rocks!

  1. Her husband forbid her to go to OC for his lacrosse tournament so she called me immediately to say she was coming down
  2. Her 4 year old son is afraid of NOTHING except the Russian Yetti
  3. They will drink a beer with me at any time in any place
  4. I truly don’t mind tossing my crying baby at her; knowing she won’t care and will most likely calm her down while I calm myself down
  5. Her daughter and my niece are going to be soul sisters like Lisa and me
  6. We get to spend Thanksgiving together every other year and it is the best
  7. We are always scheming up ways to make enough money to afford a beach house but we will inevitably always be poor but happy.  If we actually DID something instead of talked about it while drinking we would probably have said beach house
  8. She laughs at everything….EVERYTHING which usually makes me laugh
  9. Steve likes, maaaybe 10 people, and she is one of them so I can get away with murder when she’s around
  10. She sells homes to the Ravens….BOOM

We all need to make a list of why our friends and even our significant other rocks so we are reminded of how blessed we are.

Aside of all the funny stuff I mentioned she is a friend for life, a friend that will always be there for me with brutal honesty but the kindest heart attached to that honesty.

Now go appreciate your friend!

boats and pirates

The quintessential Dickey crew….dickey pirate familyNow go visit my gal Lizzi and see some more love and thanks out there!


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12 thoughts on “Dickeys Over Here – TToT

  1. AW!!!! Such a great tribute to your bestie!!! I love the pics too!!! She’s definitely a keeper… especially if she’s on Steve’s short list! lol

    SO glad you have someone like this in your life. Everyone needs at least one. I must admit though- I was a bit jealous, cause I WANNA BE ON A BOAT DRINKING WITH YOU AND HOLDING YOUR BABY!! Oh wait- that didn’t come out right. I promise by the time I am a bit tipsy, I will return said baby. 🙂

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