DIS-Canopy Monkey Bars

Steve has been wanting to build the girls a jungle gym for YEARS.  Initially I said no because I hate pushing swings.  Then I said no because the girls are nuts and I would spent the entire day spotting them.  Then I said no because we are always going to playgrounds.

I can’t say no anymore; I’ve run out of excuses and the ones I use are lame.

It’s my job to push them.

It’s my to spot them.

It’s my job to provide them a jungle gym wild enough for them to play on all day and injure themselves at least once a week.

Isn’t that what being a kid is all about??

Besides it has to be much safer than this….

Canopy Monkey Bars Canopy Monkey Bars Canopy Monkey Bars Canopy monkey bars Canopy Monkey Bars

See that little couch cushion?  That’s Steve’s way of providing a landing if they slip off.


That chair is their “stable” way to reach the bars or the canopy railing and then the picnic table on the other side is how they “dismount.”

So a jungle gym they will have soon so we can stop giving social services reasons to investigate.

2 thoughts on “DIS-Canopy Monkey Bars

  1. Listen to Jimmy Buffet’s song – “It’s my job”. Yes, it’s your job to make sure your girls have fun growing up with every possible experience they can have. It’s also a part of life to get bumps and bruises – even broken bones.

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