Do You Like These Smells Too?

Fantastic Smells

This is always fun and I’ve actually made a list before…here!  I love that Stasha is using some of my ideas; it’s always flattering.  So without delaying any longer let’s see how many you think are fantastic too!

  1. A FRESH pot of coffee brewing in the morning.  I can’t think of a better smell to wake up to.  It definitely tops morning breath even from a cute 4 year old.
  2. Tomato Plants- their leaves are so fragrant- even the slightest touch and your hands smell all day.
  3. That stupid Polo Blue for men, I’m still writing about it from my happy list.  I’m still rubbing that magazine sample all over me and the girls- buy a bottle?  That would make too much sense.
  4. This might sound gross but my husband after he’s been working- not his day job work but real man-work, like building something or chopping wood.  Hubba Hubba!
  5. My dog Bowie, rest his soul.  I saved his collar in a zip lock baggie to remind me of him and I know people think all dogs smell the same but they don’t.  I miss that guy 0129081812a
  6. Fresh bread baking
  7. Vanilla
  8. Fresh cut grass (this might be confusing because I love the sound of the lawn mower- it reminds me so much of my childhood- so not sure if it’s the smell or sound that pulls at my heart).
  9. My girls when they are clean; not sweaty.  They are big enough that their sweat is gross and no longer cute
  10. And of course- THE OCEAN

I went back and looked at my other list and it is very similar so I must really love these smells.   Link up if you will with the rest of the posse at Monday Listicles!

31 thoughts on “Do You Like These Smells Too?

  1. I’m not sure I even realized that tomato plants were fragrant! I’ll have to remember that next time I’m in a garden. I’m with you on the ocean!

  2. #8 I am going to say its a combination of both. Even though I’ve heard my husband and neighbors cut grass for years there has to be a certain combination of conditions that really tug at my heart. My grandparents didn’t have AC so the windows were always open and there was always a breeze. If its a windows open kind of day, everyone is cutting grass, the breeze it blowing – add some coffee brewing and I might just start crying 😉

  3. Agree wholeheartedly with #9 – I love my kids’ scents when they are clean, but I nearly gagged as I just threw a load of dirty socks and underwear into the washing machine – they have adult sized stink now! Great list topic – thanks for coming up with it!

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  5. I had some of these as well…isn’t a shame that our kids don’t always smell as sweet as they did when they were babies? Not that they always smelled sweet as babies… 🙂

  6. A fresh pot brewing in the morning was my #1 too…but to me, it always smells better when it’s coming from someone else’s place.

    I don’t know why I didn’t say fresh-cut grass – I think it depends on my mood if that scent really gets me going. I do like the combination of freshly cut grass and wood even better.

  7. Man Smell has a very line. there’s a point at which hubby has been working and I’m like…..get that tool belt and to the bed NOW! And then 5 minutes will pass and I am like… do not touch me, or anything own and I just turn the shower on.
    Being a man, of course this is hilarious so they must immediately grab you in a playful armpit stinky head lock.
    boys are dumb. and they smell. 🙂

    • hahahahahahahaha BEST reply ever! And you are so right! My husband has hugged me in the summer and a little while later I think “what is that smell?” well its’ my shoulder from where he had his stinky armpit! haha

  8. Great list!! I can totally relate with you about your doggie. They don’t all smell the same. I have kept collars from past fur babies and I also have some first collars because finding them when I’m digging trough pictures just brings back memories of them being puppies. It’s just another way to cherish good memories.

  9. I def have to smell a tomato plant! Great list, especially the dog collar 🙁 I agree, dogs do smell different. Like Willy’s paws smelled like Doritos- hahahaha!! I would add the smell of summer rain, especially when it hits the hot pavement. Love it!!!

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