Do You Pants Your Spouse? Damnit Steve Does ALL.THE.TIME

Do you pants your wife? Spouse?  Kids? Parents? Friends? Well, my husband aka Damnit Steve enjoys to pants me on a daily basis.

Usually not in public but he thinks because we own the yard that it isn’t public. I would have to say our neighbors disagree, as do I.

Mostly though, it is in the house for his own enjoyment.   A full basket of clothes in my hands.  As soon as I get dressed.  While I am washing the dishes so I can’t grab them or pull them back up quick enough. .

Him and the girls laugh at underwear Mommy doing the dishes.  The worst is when I have the draw string tied and he doesn’t realize it and my knees buckle.  This has, more than once, caused me to fall to the ground.

He made the mistake of pantsing me twice in one day.  A quick open hand to the face took him back a step.  I told him loud and clear that crosses the line! One pantsing a day is all i can handle. You would think he would learn quickly but nope. He took a few hits to the face before he limited himself.

Over the years he has taken it back to only a few times a week since the girls started pantsing me.  How humiliating?!  Now he does it randomly when he kids and neighbors aren’t looking.

One of these days he will grow up and stop doing it all together but the laughter that follows every single one is a gift I will not take from him…just yet.

The photo below isn’t even at our own house!


So, tell me, do you pants your spouse or does your spouse pants you?

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One thought on “Do You Pants Your Spouse? Damnit Steve Does ALL.THE.TIME

  1. Men are such big kids…hubby usually gets me once a week…never inpublic though. I would junk punch him if he ever did that. Though with my son, he runs to my rescue each time telling hubby that I am his mommy and to leave me alone.

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