Do you Remember your First Mother’s Day?

I do!  The girls were a little over 5 months old and we went to my sister’s house for her annual Mother’s Day brunch in Northern VA.  It was so yummy and I’m jealous every year that I can’t go.  She makes my Mom’s traditional “version” of the egg McMuffin; it just never tastes as good when I make them.

She had champagne which is irresistible so Steve said to bottoms up and he would drive home; 3 hours.  We polished off a couple bottles and with a big giggle and a packed van with a happy and full family we headed out.

This particular Mother’s day was quite memorable because I learned how many diapers I needed when you can’t pull over.  We were stuck in grid lock in the far left lane and there was no way Steve could get over to exit.  I had no other choice but to pull out the size 1 and size 2 diapers.  A bottle of champagne will fill 4 number 1’s and 2 number 2’s so if you are ever in a pinch that is what you will need.  We still laugh about this but that is the price you pay to have fun.

I hope all the Mother’s out there are having a great day and making strong memories!  If you have any to share please do!

Mother's Day 2009

5 thoughts on “Do you Remember your First Mother’s Day?

  1. I do remember my first Mom’s Day, Brian was 7 months, we lived in Colorado. I was such a sun-worshiper then (still am, but don’t lay out like I used to), Simon bought me one of those fancy “new” lounge chairs that folded out in two direction with lots of different positions for your upper body. I was the queen of the back yard!

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