Does your Kid say Poopy?

I’m constantly telling my girls to not say things like “poopy” “poop face” and other ugly things like this. I guess it’s my fault since half the time I giggle and I will blame Steve for the other half since he’s the one calling them names. After all he isn’t much more mature than they are. For a while last summer he would say to the girls:
S: what does Mommy do?
L&H: phluttt (or whatever a fart sounds like)
S: what’s Daddy?
L&H: Daddy is the best.
HA how long did it take you to teach them that? Apparently drowning their ears with this riffraff for hours while I was out, creates a lasting impression because a year later they still say it. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is when we go out and he asks them that question!?!?!
Anyway, I’m getting nowhere with the potty mouth. The other day my parents were watching the girls for me and they were saying “poopy,” the girls not my parents:)
Grammy: “Does your Mommy let you say that?”
Girls: no
Then L said, “Buuuut Mommy isn’t here…. (waits a second) poopy!”
I guess or at least pray this phase for both my husband and the girls is over quickly but seeing as though L has introduced a dance I don’t see an ending anytime soon.  Once again I am torn between their bold personalities and the cleverness in which they display so confidently.

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