Early Christmas Surprise

There is NOTHING better than buying a gift for someone you know is going to love it!

I can’t buy anything for my husband. He is so damn particular. On top of that he isn’t an “emotional” fella. He doesn’t beam with excitement or cry at the thoughtfulness of a gift like I do.

His staple response is “do you want me to do a cartwheel?”

Yes, that would be nice!

I’ve gotten him good only twice in the 17 years we have been together and this holiday makes it three!

We haven’t been exchanging gifts for any holiday including birthdays so we could focus on the girls and other fix-it-uppers the house has handed us but this year I got him Craftsman toolboxes.

I know he dreams of opening his garage door and seeing red. Red tables, red tools boxes, red red red!

I thought that these would come in little boxes and that he would have to assemble them; the fun part for a guy. So I arranged for my neighbor to hold onto them until Christmas but when I went to pick them up the young strapping men, one-could not fit them in my Mom’s car and two- had a hard time lifting them they were so heavy.  This changed the plan.

My Dad came to the rescue by bringing my van over and the two boxes took over the entire third row. This changed the entire plan. No way was I going to be able to hide them. I just left them there and devised a million scenarios until he walked in the door.

I was so jittery but composed myself long enough to fulfill my lie.

K: is it still raining out?

S: no

K: can you do me a big favor?

S: sure

K: Katy asked me to pick up some things for Tom for Christmas and they are a lot bigger than I thought and taking up the entire back of the van. Could you move them to the garage for now?

S: now? I’ll do it in the morning before work.

Panic set in because I’m a terrible liar.

K: Steve you are never going to have time and the girls and I are leaving early and I really don’t want to lug them around. Please?

So out we go. He has to get the wheelbarrow to dump them into because they are really big and heavy.

As he is wheeling it into the garage he notices the boxes have our last name on them.

S: why is our name on them?

K; you know Katy- she can’t use a computer.

That totally satisfies him because this is something I would do for my sister.

After he gets them both in the garage I freak out with excitement and yell “they aren’t for Tom they are for you!!! Merry Christmas”

S: what? (So confused)

K: they are for you!!!

Anyway this went on for a few minutes. He was completely floored and like a child with excitement!

Everyone focuses on the pregnant wife and forgets the husband. When a woman has a difficult pregnancy all the weight falls onto the man. Steve has really picked up the slack and is exhausted just like I am. He deserves a little sparkle and shine.

The next morning, before work, with all his buddies he began his organizing.  Don’t mind the sleepy heads.

surprise!!! putting wheels on his craftsman cart building cardboard houses finishing touches with his girl making sure it all glides smile sleepy craftsman head

I wanted to wait until Christmas but with the babies due around then he would never get to enjoy the task of putting the tires on, fitting the drawers with rubber, organizing and playing with them.

Merry Christmas to a wonderful husband and father! Enjoy!


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  1. That is awesome. He does deserve it! Good job Kerry! I feel your pain when it comes to trying to surprise your husband. Chris is never surprised and doesn’t do cartwheels either- to my dismay ! Wishing you guys a wonderful holiday! Thankful for family!!!!

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