Exploring the Beach

There is nothing more beautiful and calming to me than the water especially the beach.  The smell, the sound, the feel just makes my blues disappear.  I love watching the girls run and build castles; their smiles and innocence melt my heart every time.  We bundled up today and went to the Cove Beach, which is really more like the bay.  We found a piece of drift wood that H carried the entire time breaking out a sweat and L ran wild exploring examining rocks, beer cans and pinecones.  It was the first time we were there that they couldn’t get in the water.  It was beautiful and not a single person was there so we ignored all no trespassing signs and I let them pee on the beach.  LOL teaching my girls to be sassy and classy!


love the outfits that keep them so different

a pine cone on the beach...what?

look at all the barnacles...

H and her driftwood

sand castles

nice sign

Tip o’ The Day: get outside no matter how cold it is; nature always calms the beast!


6 thoughts on “Exploring the Beach

  1. I have a sick babe and took your advice and we went for a walk outside. I think it worked wonders and she was very tired afterwards! Well….maybe she was tired from the tantrum she threw because she didn’t want to come inside….but either way, it helped! XOXO

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