Family, Beer and Fireworks

Every holiday should consist of three of the follow: family, beer, fireworks and/or balloons.  Ideally all four of them would be present.

This Independence day we picked the first three.  However not to be sad without those fun and loving balloons we added a pool and fireflies.

After such a great start to the holiday, I know a tad late with post; we started the actually fourth with a bang.  A bang of spoiled shopping that is thanks to my Auntie Ann!  The plan was to head to a barbeque, fireworks at the University, some firefly catching and then home for our own fireworks and relaxation.

Instead we hit the barbeque and headed straight home.

It was hot and we didn’t feel like dealing with crowds or bugs.

My cousins, Nikki and Jack, who have never caught fireflies, helped the girls and I knock that off our bucket list.  I think Nikki had more fun than the girls.  It was a trip watching her leap and stretch into the air grasping for a firefly.

They successfully caught four who enjoyed the night with us before being set free.

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While we were doing this, the men busied themselves jerry-rigging a ghetto fabulous explosion deck.

051The night concluded with the men blowing up tons of spectacular fireworks while the ladies swam in the pool.  It was so awesome!

I thought swimming in the rain was fun but nothing can beat swimming in the dark watching your own personal firework show.

072 109 101 097 Not to forget the most popular firework of all; the sparkler….  We were successful with writing names but this was my favorite; a slow capture of the four of them twirling sparklers.


This will be our new tradition.  No more running around all sweaty and hot but chilling at home like we have always loved!

How was your fourth?




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