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Ten Things of Thanks.

This is an easy list because it is a list of people I am thankful for.  It’s amazing how truly bright people shine when you are in need.  My family (and friends) are so wonderful and supportive, always, but especially lately with this crazy pregnancy.

The first two are my immediate family; brother, sisters, parents.  They are absolutely amazing and I can’t imagine life without them.  I can’t imagine how weak I would be without them.  I can’t express how happy I am WITH them!

VA Family My Original Family

This a photo of some of my closest cousins, aunts, uncles on my side of the family.  We always go big at Easter and as we continue to expand our own families these holidays get more and more fun.  I think we are up to (once I pop my 2 out) eleven under six!!My side of the family

This is our adopted family which is actually my sisters in-laws; The Farm.  We spend so much time with them, my kids actually call them Grandma and Grandpa.  They are so wonderful in every way!

Family on the Farm

Aside of ALL my family which is far more than ten I wanted to include special thanks to the following:

  • My Mom and Dad.  I brag about them all the time and I won’t ever stop even when they pick on me (waa waa).  They live 3 hours away but drive up every other weekend so one can watch my kids while the other drives me 4 hours to the doctor.  And that doesn’t even touch the tip of their magnificence.
  • My brothers and sisters- always there for me.  My sister who lives around the corner will take my girls anytime no questions asked.   She is a blessing.  I know if I lived closer to my other siblings they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same things.
  • Tammy- bestest best of bests.
  • Fufi- No one can top our shenanigans
  • Stephanie- there are friends that ask and friends that do….she just does and I love her for it
  • All my girls; born and yet to be born
  • Lastly my number ten- STEVE.  He is the best husband, father and friend a gal could ask for.  Enough of that though.

Take a second to count your family blessings because I bet it is much longer than ten.

Thanks Lizzie and crew for another fun reminder to count our blessings weekly!


Ten Things of Thankful
I have to answer the quiz on Lizzi’s link real quick.
Holy Moly I have no clue to these questions so I pretended it was fill in the blanks and I couldn’t repeat a name so my answers as follows….
  1. Clark
  2. Zoe
  3. Christine
  4. K2
  5. Joy
  6. Kristie
  7. Melissa
  8. Dyanne
  9. Michelle
  10. Lizzi

13 thoughts on “Family, Family and More Family – TToT

  1. I only hope that you know how thankful everyone else is having you in their life. Your grace (yes, i said grace), presence and warm soul can turn anyone’s life around in a second.

  2. Oh just look at all the PEOPLE! Such beautiful, wonderful, so MANY you have around you. And the marvellous ways they enrich your life. I just loved reading this 🙂

    And thanks for posting your answers here, you rascal! There’s always one, right?

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