Fancy vs Casual

This is a prime example of how different my girls are.  We went to a Christmas party this past weekend and I explained to the girls that we needed to get dressed up and all the ladies will be in their best clothes for this holiday party so pick out something special and beautiful. L comes out of her room with a gorgeous red dress with a crinoline-type underneath so it has some flare, with black lace trim, black tights, and black sparkle shoes.  She also wore her fancy red and black swing dress coat.  H came out with her favorite orange Halloween shirt, overalls (skirt style), striped tights without orange in them, hot pink sweater and she wanted to wear her soccer shoes at which point I put my foot down although now I wish I hadn’t.  If I tell them they can dress themselves then I should let them.  Short of trying to get away with a sundress in the snow I should let them express their style.  Anyway a picture below as they are waiting for Daddy to pick them up from the girls only party.

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