My Favorite New Food Organization Hack

I have to give Stevie Boy a big hooray for helping me in my quest for my new food hack.

After spending an hour searching for the perfect container, he asked me what I was looking for. I explained I wanted one large piece of Tupperware with many little compartments so I could prep my food for my wraps. I wanted it nice and neatly together.

He said, “get a tackle box.”


For $2.88 at Walmart I bought this tackle box. After I filled it, I realized it was a slightly¬†smaller than I wanted. Because of it’s size, I could only make 3 or 4 wraps which is maybe two lunches worth.

I’ll give this to H for her fishing adventures and upgrade for the extra dollar.

You can change the size compartments so it can be 5-8 slots. One of the best things is it is pretty flat so it stores nicely in the refrigerator.

Now, I can make these bad boys in a hot second!

Corn, black beans, Wickles relish, cucumber, avocado Verde sauce, white onion!

Cod, black beans, corn and mango salsa!

Homemade hummus, cucumber, olives, black beans, carrots, Wickles relish!

I ask everyone to share their favorite wrap recipe. I just can’t get enough of these clean, nutrient packed, wraps of heaven!



2 thoughts on “My Favorite New Food Organization Hack

  1. what a clever idea and a super yummy meal there! I will have to try this idea out.
    This would be a super cool idea for bbqs and picnics

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