Favorite Photos – Monday Listicles

Hello fellow listicles; I’ve been a bad blogger due to travel, pregnancy news, work and company!

But I hope to be getting back on track!

Monday Listicles are always fun and while I am not a professional photographer, I surely enjoy the art.  Most of my favorite shots are of my girls but I’m weird about showing their face so these will have to be my top ten next favorite shots.

I do need to buy a photo editor so all recommendations are welcome in the comments section!  Thanks!

Thanks to Heather from The Frill of Life for the fun suggestion!  This surely is going to be fun seeing everyone’s amazing shots!

She loves her tutu and her doggies….

tutu and pit bull

What’s better than a reflection….

reflections in water

 Fishing with Daddy…

man kissing fish

Another day at the farm...

A sunset walk

A sunset walk

This was an amazing day getting so close to the wild ponies....

pony and ocean...so beautiful

pony and ocean…so beautiful

Ahhh the girls favorite; freeze frame

246 Summer time family fun at the beach...


A little boy, his fishing pole and his dog….
jackAll the birds….and the birds….

baby bird begging for food

My handsome nephew…


If you want to see some brilliant work visit all the talent at Monday Listicles right HERE!

29 thoughts on “Favorite Photos – Monday Listicles

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    • hahaha that’s right keep rubbing!
      Thank you. I blew it up thinking it was a fun one to enlarge but my goodness I didn’t realize the size i chose- It is huge!!! I need a grand foyer to put it in!

  2. Kerry, I love your pictures! I aspire to take photos like those! Have you tried PicMonkey or Pixlr.com for editing? They are free, but you can get extra tools with a subscription. I just took an awesome online photography class and she has an online editing class coming up in the fall. You can check it out at http://www.berylaynyoung.com/radiateclass/

  3. I absolutely love all of these pictures! You are an amazing photographer. I especially like the tutu and the doggie one. Thanks for the mention and the link!

  4. All fabulous — you should be a photographer!!
    Love that reflection one, and I really want to run with the wild ponies.
    Congratulations on the happy baby news!

  5. Love the redirect. The first post is awesome too BTW. I like all the pics, can’t pick a favourite. The wild pony is pretty cool, so is the hair flip, and the …..
    Photo editor, I have Photoshop Elements 10, good but a bit hard to use ( I suppose I could read the instructions) Have used LViewPro and Corel Paintshop Like all three.

    • haha stupid me and the redirect. I was just trying to get more views. haha Just teasing!!
      THanks for all the kind words and the photo information. I desperately need so photo editing help.
      Also I am glad to see you back in the blogging word as you know from my stalking you are one of my favs:)

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