My Favorite Things of 2014

Favorite things of 2014

I was trying to get this post out by the first of December but everything has been so chaotic that New2Two has been pushed to the back burner.

This is just a small list of the things I absolutely adore and couldn’t live without especially during this year!

  1. Kristin Staples Photography. Always. There is no better gift than having a professional capture your babies. Her photographs are breathtaking and the one thing, after my kids of course, that I would grab in a fire.
  2. Skipper Bags. I have been wishing for one of these nautical bags for a long time and I finally got one for Christmas last year.
  3. Burts Bees. Always a favorite always will be. Period.
  4. Honest Co. I really need to do a review of this company because I have tried just about all their products. I LOVE their diapers and wipes. Most of their products are great but there are a few I don’t care for.
  5. Stitch Fix!!! I love this site that hooks you up with a personal shopper that caters to your specific requests. How they get my size right every single time just amazes me. The sweater pictured below is my new favorite that my family is already sick of seeing because I wear it so often.
  6. If you have twins you NEED this twin breast feeding pillow by Double Blessings. It is ridiculously soft, eco friendly, GREEn double nursing pillow and has a built in cover. I wish I had some photos of me to share but I just never got any appropriate ones.
  7. we read books all day long. A trip to the library or book store is a reward in my home. We love all books especially books by the incredibly talented Eric Carle. My sprinkle for the new babies was themed around him.
  8. My newest and most wonderful love of all, the Twingaroo. I have reviewed and backed this product up for almost a year now. I don’t know how I lived without it. If you have more than one kid you NEED TO BUY ONE!
  9. Little Giraffe. The babies were sent an adorable gift set when they were born and they have totally become cracked out for the little “lovies” but we call them woobies. They instantly make the babies happy and they are insanely soft!
  10. Eeeek look at those tiny ballet flats for babies by Laura Ashley (I couldn’t find the exact shoe to share but this link has tons)! They were the babies Baptism shoes and I can’t bring myself to pass them along. The big girls wore pink checkered Vans and I saved those as well.
  11. Lastly are Kidecals. These sticker labels are amazing. AH-MAAAZING. I labeled the girls clothes, back backs and lunchboxes/Tupperware for school. These items have been abused, washed both in the washing machine and dishwasher, dried and not a single one has started to fall off. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
    1. I ordered ones with our last name and then special allergy ones for L. I’ve even started putting them on all of my stuff including my cameras, laptop, work bags etc.
    2. For the remainder of the year you can get a discount so hurry! Because I am a slacker you only have 3 days left.
      1. 2 children: doubles2014 = 15% off $25 or more
      2. 3 children: threes2014= 20% off $50 or more
      3. 4 children: fours2014= 25% off $75 or more
      4. 5 children: fives2014 = 30% off $100 or more
      5. 6 children: sixes2014 = 35% off $125 or more
      6. 7 children: sevens2014 = 40% off $150 or more

Favorite things of 2014

Favorite things of 2014

SHARE your favorites of 2014 so they can become my favorites of 2015!

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