Fertility Friday 2

I had lunch the other day with an old friend. It had been years since we have seen each other but it all felt the same. We seem to come and go in each other’s lives to help the other out of a jam, weird how that happens. She will always have a special place in my heart even if years go by without talking. We have been “reunited” if you will because she is having fertility issues. As with every women going through this, we are all different and so are our issues. For instance my doctor thought my situation would be simple enough but after 2 years we realized that wasn’t the case. What is the same is the reality of how painful, emotionally, this is for each and every woman whether it takes 6 months or 6 years, it is all terribly exhausting. I have met some wonderful woman trying to conceive in fact one of my dearest friends is getting ready to pop out her second through fertility treatments. God love her as her kids will only be about 15 months apart. YIKES! Anyway the best advice I can give is to find someone that has gone through it and hold her close to you so you don’t feel alone. I didn’t have anyone until I finally thought I was going crazy and called a friend of a friend almost 2 years into it. She is what I like to call, my savior. My favorite part of the conversation was:

Me: I feel like I am going crazy
K: You are. They have you so pumped up on hormone meds that your mind has no idea what’s going on.

Her brutal honesty made me laugh. Nothing could have been truer and just hearing her say that and fully understand what I was going through made a world of difference. I felt like I was going to be ok. The next month it worked and now I have twinsies that made me forget it all!

Tip o’ The Day: find someone, anyone who has gone through this and talk to them. There are hundreds of on-line groups & for those of you that live in a city there are groups that get together. REACH OUT!

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