Fertility Friday 34- Like A Fine Red Wine

Too old?  Thirty five too old!  HA!

Women scramble to have a baby because there is a sort of taboo about being too old.  By age 35 if you get pregnant you are considered a high risk pregnancy so you need extra monitoring.

It freaks us out!  These days women are busy building careers and having fun!  They don’t want to start a family at 25 like our parents.

Oh wait yes I did but not everyone does.  We started trying at the ripe age of 26 and finally got pregnant at 33.  At that time I had about 8 eggs of mature size. Eight!  Let’s rewind- that is about 8 starting from age 30…not good.

However at a healthy, proud age 38 I produced 49 eggs!  Forty-nine!!!  I was able to have 24 harvested and 19 were beautiful!

Again because of my age and medical history we still used two embryos and luckily had 4 frozen.

I found out Monday I am pregnant with some strong beta levels but I won’t feel happy until I see that beautiful heartbeat.  And maybe after the first trimester I will be able to relax…six weeks from now.

Yeah, maybe the body starts weakening with age but there are a number of you out there like me; a fine red wine that gets better with age.

That’s right we are older but not dead so have that family you were meant to have!

Don’t give up!



10 thoughts on “Fertility Friday 34- Like A Fine Red Wine

  1. ((((HUGS)))) I am sending you all the positive energy and happiness I can, I understand what you mean about the heartbeat and first trimester. I am so happy for you and will be praying for all of you.

  2. Wow congrats Kerry! I’m so excited for you and Steve and the girls! Good luck and I’ll be sending good vibes your way!
    Love you!

  3. Congrats! We keep praying for that heartbeat or heartbeats. We’re leaping with joy for the 4 of you. We think about you every day. I’ll have a glass of fine wine for you.

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