Fertility Friday 38- So Tired!

Dear Lord, I am amazingly, gratefully, thrilled that I am pregnant.  I don’t want to complain but honestly I have never felt so exhausted in my life.

Every day I wake up it’s like having a vicious hangover; the tired kind.  The kind where you are just too tired to move, motivate, clean, eat or mother.

One of the girls will say “she hit me!”

And I’ll say either “I really don’t care” or “hit her back.”

At that point a full on swinging war of solid fists in a fan like motion go flinging around randomly connecting.  I usually snicker to myself because it is actually rather entertaining.  They are truly out of control in that single moment.

I also secretly smile with pride.

These are two little badda** girls that are throwing down to defend herself.  I smile thinking they will be safe from the mounds of perverts out there or the intensely increasing popularity of bullying.

Will they be the bully?  They better not because this Mommy will in fact beat the crap out of them if I ever find out they bullied anyone.  Sounds counterproductive right?  Neither Steve nor I were bullies so I think we are safe there….I hope.

I’m just saying I’m proud they are showing a little feisty in this maddening world.

I’m totally digressing; back to the whining.

It is much more difficult being five years older with twins 4 year olds running around but I have a wildly high amount of energy so this is just unacceptable.

These little fetuses are draining me like whore on a rich old man.  I just don’t know how to increase my energy level.

I eat tons of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and take the girls on a walk albeit short it is a walk non-the-less.   My sleep is a little rough since I have to pee about 5 times a night.

Other than that I don’t think I can survive another 7 months like this.

Is there any advice from all you lovely moms out there?

Oh and please don’t mention age…..I just found out I can technically be classified as elderly in the pregnancy community!  Come on!  Elderly!

It must have been a male doctor that coined that category!

13 thoughts on “Fertility Friday 38- So Tired!

  1. That’s right, just because you orchestrated a neighborhood fight club, that does not classify you as a bully! hahaha Ugh that is how I explained my 2nd pregnancy, a 9 month hangover! I feel for you. Swimming always gave me so much energy, I would get a kickboard and use my legs a lot and just walk in the water. It felt so good and I would always end up energized after. Maybe that’s not a possibility for you, but more exercise is all I could think of…and more food, you skinny mini!

    • OMG swimming would be such a great idea. I need to try that. i know exercise will increase my energy it’s just finding the damn energy to get up and do it. I’m sorry you were so tired. I didn’t realize:( BAD sister. BAD

  2. Is there a part time preschool in your area? One that they could go to two or three days a week and do all kinds of exciting things while you sleep?

    • no, well yes but it’s too expensive at the moment because I only work 4 hrs a week in the summer. We just put up one of those above ground pools so that will hopefully keep them entertained while I rest.
      Thanks Tracy for the love

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  4. I can’t even imagine being pregnant with twins and having 2 4 year olds. Honestly- I cannot.imagine.it.
    Girl- get them involved in something for your own sanity. Church camps, preschool play things- anything. Tire those people out!

    • I’m trying. Ugh. Thank God it hasn’t been too hot YET this summer.
      We put up a big above ground pool so hopefully that will keep them busy and wear them out.

  5. sorry no advice on helping you, I can’t imagine being prego with twins and having twins…..you are so blessed…..but what I can do is RUB THAT BELLY!!!!!!!

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