Fertility Friday 4

Ahh the beginning of fertility treatments and I’m already messing up. The first time around was so confusing to me and you would think I would know what I am doing by now but I have no clue.  I was always rather sick growing up so I have this fantastic ability to automatically tune doctors out.  It is completely involuntary.  I ask intelligent questions, take notes (that turn out to be gibber gabber) and nod as if I completely understand.  As soon as I walk out of the office it is like the slate was wiped clean again.  What the hell did he just say?  Now this time I will say I do know what is going on but even so the instructions are usually overwhelming.  My packet of information came in the mail a week ago and even though I talked to my nurse I still forgot what to do with the birth control pills. My cycle started on Friday so I called to make my appointment for blood work for day 3, Sunday.  On Saturday I realized I hadn’t taken the antibiotic yet (always necessary at the beginning of treatment ) so I ran to the pharmacy to get it filled and take it. There was an extra scrip in the folder and I asked the pharmacy what it was for.  In all honesty I thought it was for prenatal vitamins which I wasn’t going to have filled because they make me sick.  Well, when he said it was for birth control I panicked.  Being a weekend I couldn’t get a hold of the dr. or nurse, I didn’t see any instructions in my hand out so I popped the pill (according to the pill instructions.) So like me to panic.  Well that night I took the antibiotic and low and behold not being a pill person to begin with I throw up!  This is good and bad.  Good because it probably weakened the pill I WASN’T supposed to take until after my blood work but bad because we’re not sure if the antibiotic was absorbed enough into my system. Ha-ha when my nurse, DW, called on Monday (monitoring was Sunday and all was good) she just laughed as we have been through panic Kerry before!  As of right now I will continue on the pill and hope we get insurance approval to move forward in the early months of 2012.  A little funny how in order to get pregnant I have to start by taking the pill.  Whatever works I will do!

Have I used this photo before? Sorry but I love it (Kristin Staples Photography)

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