Fertility Friday 30- Opening the Door Again

The last Fertility Friday Post I wrote was September 28, 2012 and it was a farewell.  Who’s a liar?  I’m a liar.  I thought I shut this stupid door but I guess I forgot to lock it.  I had been itching so badly for a baby that I finally put together, in my head, a strong proposal of about 11 points of why we should give it one more shot.

I spent weeks,  with nervous energy as I thought and prayed and thought and prayed and finally decided I just need to talk to him; after all he is my husband and I kinda need him if I want this to happen.  So anxiously I waited at the kitchen counter until he finally arrived home.

I looked at him and said” Steve, I want another baby.”

Completely prepped and ready for a big NO to follow, I was greeted with, “me too.”

He just looked at me and waited.  I just looked at him and waited.

Finally I said, “Really?”

He said, ” yes, I’ve always wanted more kids.”

Me, “What about the money?”

Steve, “we’re not getting out of debt any time soon so what’s another 15 grand on top of it.”

Me, “well then….my appointment is on March 4th,” (Yes, you see I did already have it set up; just in case. )

And there you have it.  We started another wild adventure full of uncertainty and fear but with a conclusion that could be astounding.

My Mother told me I am the richest person she knows and I couldn’t agree more when I look around.

My dear friend told me if I could solve my problems with money then I don’t have any problems.  This is true except in the case when insurance doesn’t cover your infertility problems.

These two comments couldn’t have come at a better time.  So by and by all of this is wonderful advice and the road to babydom is on its way….

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