First Day of School

First Day of School Summer!

Sorry, we’ve been watching Nemo lately; one of my favorites….ever!

Anyway, what a great first day of summer.  The weather was flawless, Steve had off and we concurred some of our bucket list!

We started the day with a lovely bike ride and playing around on a super old school skate board at the crack of dawn.  Well the girls did, I just sat and watched.  I, seriously, should have participated based on my energy levels these days but eh…

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Then the fun started; the putting together of the pool!

This was torture because the girls helped Steve put it together than ran upstairs and put on their bathing suits.  Actually L put her adorable suit on while H cried on the top of the stairs for her “swimming shorts.”

She doesn’t have swimming shorts but after about three minutes through broken tears I figured out what she wanted which lead to fifteen minutes of searching for them only to find them in the hamper.

They are cute light blue, regular, shorts with colored pineapples not fishes like she thought.

This kid cannot want to be a boy any worse.  Non-the-less the two of them strutted around waiting for the pool to fill up…..which took 8 hours.

Is it ready yet?  Is it ready yet?  Has an entirely new meaning.

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I broke up the day by taking them to Old Navy for a few summer essentials and the watch repair store for my watch neurotic husband who has slowly turned H into one as well.  Six watches for a 4 year old?  Is that normal?  NO! I don’t dare say anything with our shoe fetish.

I was so stinking excited to get back to the house, pick up Steve and take the girls to Tutti Fruitti, which apparently carries dairy- free yogurt…one-kind.  Luckily it was raspberry and that satisfied L but I was still disappointed.  One of our goals on our Summer Bucket List is to eat in an ice cream shop with L.

20130621_155006_resized 20130621_155256_resized

She had a great time but Ocean City has a frog something or other store that apparently has a better selection.  Again they had fun with all the crazy candy toppings.  I enjoyed watching her excitement.  All the girl wants is good old fashioned vanilla but I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

When we returned home the pool, THANK GOD, was half way filled so we let them jump in.  The sugar rush was intense and they spent a solid 2 hours in and out of the pool.

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We ended the day with KFC, bad mistake as that grease sent a few stomachs turning.  I played it smart with a veggie pizza.

The night ended with an early bedtime for some sleepy heads and a snuggly couple with some snuggly dogs in bed, by 8:00, watching Love Actually!

Oh what a great way to start the summer.  Sure I would have loved to go to the beach and then Third Friday but this butt was ready for none of that but so ready for my cozy bed!

Oh before I go I set five rules for the pool; one being don’t pee in it….I should have been more specific….


Cheers to a wonderful, lazy summer full of fun and love!

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