The Frulu Beach Blanket Made its Way to Jersey, With New York in the BACK!

We are loving these twins using their new Frulu Beach Blanket in Jersey with the New York skyline coloring the background!

There is nothing better than when customers, happy customers, send in photos of their precious cuties using your product! It really is an awe moment.

We can’t thank this family enough for sharing with us!

When I asked what this family enjoyed about the Frulu they mentioned:

  1. the wind didn’t move the blanket at all; anchors did their job very well
  2. the interior was very soft
  3. as the kids walked in and out it was easy to remove two sides to just dump any sand out

As for bullet point three, my youngest likes to sit in her Frulu and dump buckets of sand onto her lap.

My other three girls love the Frulu because they never get sand in it. Their Frulu remains a clean spot for them to rest, read or snack in at the beach or at the park.

Non-the-less, this amazing family will be sending in a review in the next few weeks. I’m biting my nails with anticipation.

Frulu Beach and picnic blanket frulu beach and picnic blanket Frulu beach and picnic blanket Frulu beach and picnic blanket

I think she is asking you why you don’t have a Frulu yet, so why don’t you?

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