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We love this Frulu review by one of our favorite Instagramers, Amy! She has three beautiful daughters and we met because her youngest two could be my younger twins twins! Scrolling through our feeds, we’ve often thought each others twins were our own! Although her photos are much more gorgeous so if you admire great photography please check her out at www.instagram.com/amy3425. Thank you Amy and crew!!!

FRULU Review-How I Frulu!
My favorite time of year is almost here which means I can’t wait for outdoor hangs at the beach and park. As a mom of 3 it’s taken some trial and error to find my favorite summer tools to help me enjoy my time outside the best while keeping all my kids happy. I’ve found lightweight nylon blankets but when any of my kids walk on it, it flings sand everywhere and when its windy (hello it’s always windy at the beach) it’s hard to lay down flat without it flying everywhere.  Towels are very bulky for me especially if I have to bring one for everyone.  Regular blankets get wet if it’s dewy in the morning. What is a mom to do?

Meet the FRULU, the only blanket of its kind that is lightweight, water resistant, and stays put on each side with durable stakes. It’s made with a soft cotton twill on the inside and denier nylon on the outside. It folds fairly small 16 X 9 inches so I’m able to toss in my tote bag.

beach blanket

beach blanket

water resistant compact outdoor blanket

Set up was straightforward and took no longer than a minute.  Simply put the stakes in each corner and put in the sand.  In order to get the stakes all the way down, I just rocked the stakes back and forth until it makes its way down.  Once all 4 were in you might want to redo one of the first stakes to make sure it’s taut on all 4 sides.

Once we were settled my 3-year-old twins jumped in and stayed in for a LONG while.  They were so content just playing inside with their toys and staying sand free. I kind of joke that it has magical powers to keep them put because they really liked being in there.  There was even a playground close by in plain sight and they would rather play in the Frulu.

Okay, the important Question- Did it keep sand totally out? Well, eventually my twins did start to walk in and out but it was a pretty minimal amount, only from their feet. This picture shows only a little sand by the eggs on the bottom after using for about 30 minutes.

I’ll tell you something else that I like is when I did want to de-sand it, I took 2 stakes out to lift one side and calmly dump out any sand.  Usually when I want to shake out a towel or blanket it flies everywhere and gets sand on your neighbors. Not the case with the Frulu!

beach blanket

Additionally, the Frulu can be used in the grass.  We tried it out at my oldest’s soccer game and once again my 3-year-old twins sat inside and stayed put.  The stakes are a little bit harder to get in the grass.  I used a rock nearby to get the stakes in further (my daughter liked that part).

water resistant compact outdoor blanket

If it’s very hard ground it may not be possible to get them all the way in.  But on the bright side, if it is softer, damp grass then the Frulu is water resistant and you’ll stay dry inside. It’s also roomy enough for and adult and 2 kids at 36 X 48 X 8 inches.

water resistant compact outdoor blanket water resistant compact outdoor blanket review

I’m looking forward to using the Frulu all summer long.  My oldest strongly dislikes getting sandy at the beach so I’m pretty sure she is going to claim it.

While I don’t have any small babies, I think the Frulu is a must have for 0-12 month olds.  For that stage when you want to go to the beach and want to put your baby down and not worry about someone kicking sand on them. Also for when they’re older and start putting EVERYTHING like sand in their mouths. The Frulu will keep them sand free and possibly keep them from crawling out.

It retails for $85 plus shipping from https://shopfrulu.com and I’ve got great news, you can use code SUMMERFUN at check out to save you 10% Order one today so you can enjoy it all summer long.  How do you Frulu?  You can find me www.instagram.com/amy3425 for a look at my life in pics raising 3 girls.”

frulu beach blanket review

While Amy was NOT compensated for this review, she was given a Frulu to test. All opinions and review information is her opinion alone. Well, her and her amazing daughters!


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